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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Curious anti-Boer Google algorithm / search text.

While I was doing a search to see if one of my videos would show up on Google by typing the phrase: The Boers are not Afrikaners... I discovered a startling & most telling algorithm / search suggestion. Before I got to the word "not" right as I reached the word "are" the very first & only suggestion that Google supplied was the outrageous following sentence / text. "The Boers are now called the Afrikaners"! This is most suspicious on many levels. For one thing the sentence is somewhat ungrammatical, but the most alarming thing about this phrase is that it could have only become a suggestion if NUMEROUS people were typing it into the Google search box. Since most people searching for information on the Boers are not likely type such an odd anti-Boer agenda driven phrase into the search box... once can only conclude that the reason why this peculiar & improbable search phrase became a suggested phrase was the result of a concerted effort by a network or those who have an agenda in obscuring the distinction of the Boer people from the bulk of the Afrikaners: who are by definition & by the math mainly of Cape Dutch decent. 

This raises some serious questions. Namely: who or what would go out of its way to Google-bomb [ the prolific typing of a particular phrase by numerous people until it becomes an automatic suggestion part of a Google algorithm ] a particular & lengthy sentence which espouses an anti-Boer sentiment? Most folks searching for information on the Boers are not likely to type such a long & agenda driven phrase as that. Somehow I doubt that this is just the work of some pranksters but rather that of those who would rather maintain an ignorance on the distinct identity of the Boer Nation.