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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Volkstaat Maps Prove Boer Orientation of Afrikaans Self Determination.

While looking at a number of maps for the proposed Afrikaner & or Boer Volkstaat I was struck how ALL of these maps intrinsically make the same basic point I have been making for years. IE: the drive for independence & secession within the broader local White population is far more concentrated within the Boer descended population. [ As opposed to Cape Dutch descendents & English speakers etc. ] There are those who assert that campaigning for Boer independence is "divisive" yet the very maps for the various proposed Volkstaat[s] all vindicate & validate the very point I & others have made. As a matter of fact these maps all recognize this point by noticeably leaving the bulk of the Cape Dutch population OUT of the equation. For example: the Cape Dutch strongholds are not even part of the various maps for the proposed Volkstaat. Therefore: if the Cape Dutch descendents were truly as interested in independence as the Boer descendents are then there should be at least some Volkstaat maps which include the Cape Dutch descended populated area of the Western Cape region within a proposal.

Out of all the maps I have seen: not one of them included the Cape Dutch descended stronghold of the Western Cape [ excluding the generic Western Cape secessionist movement which is a somewhat different matter ] & many even exclude Johannesburg within them. Even none other than the map of Dan Roodt [ who eschews the term Boer & favours the dispossessing term Afrikaner ] consists entirely of Boer populated & or historically held territory while conspicuously excluding the Cape Dutch descended population region. Now I know there is indeed a fledgling secessionist movement to break the Western Cape off from South Africa but that movement is not strictly an Afrikaner Volkstaat movement.

The folks who are most wanting a Volkstaat or Afrikaans language based autonomous state are overwhelmingly of Boer descent as even the various map proposals clearly indicate. Yet many Boer descendents insist on diluting their natural strength [ which comes as a natural result from identifying with the Afrikaner designation ] by ceding authority over to an amorphous Afrikaner macro grouping [ whose leadership naturally usurps the Boers' leadership when lumping the two groups together & consequently sharing a leadership ] - the bulk of whom are not descended from the Boer people & whose strongholds are not even part of the various Volkstaat proposal maps. This stark realization should prompt more of those Boer descendents who still think of themselves as Afrikaners to wake up because struggling for freedom under the Afrikaner designation is analogous to Scots struggling for freedom under the British designation or Quebecois struggling for independence under the Canadian designation.

The map for the proposed Volkstaat from the Freedom Front. Chosen for its sparse population.

The map of Dan Roodt spanning the Cape frontier region where the Boers developed / emerged right up to portions of OVS & ZAR Boer Republics. The Cape Dutch stronghold within the Western Cape is conspicuously omitted yet Boers are expected to classify as "Afrikaners" - a designation which was initiated & promoted by Cape Dutch intellectuals at Paarl starting in 1875 back when the Boer Republics were still independent & internationally recognized.

The map of Robert van Tonder of the Boerestaat Party which was a consolidation of the Orange Free State Republic with most of the Transvaal Republic [ ZAR ] & with the Vryheid Republic. This Boerestaat model was based on areas which were independent & under Boer government.