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Saturday, 22 October 2011

South African Police Farce

sapgoggles-420x315You should know by now.  It all goes tits up when Marxist terrorists run the show.  In actual fact, you only need socialists in power for a country to be destroyed or millions to be killed.  Or both.  Just ask any of the 200 million killed by communism and socialism.

But the right wing poses the real threat, or at least according to the media.  Just like the Tea Parties in America.  Real racist terrorists they are, even cleaning up behind them after a rally.  Unlike the 60s hippie wanna-be “Occupy Wall Street” movement whose members defecate on police vehicles.  Which brings me back to my point.

The good old South African Police Farce.  If it’s not former chief Jackie Selebi (pictured below) dragging its name through the mud (mind you, he hasn’t started his sentence yet, so maybe this is another Shabir Shaik case), it is the fact members manage to lose 20,000 firearms or that 10,000 of them are already in jail.


SelebiYou have to feel sorry for those members of the force committed to upholding law and order.  Those who go about their duty in the face of ever increasing danger, even from within the force itself.  It is a difficult occupation in any first world country, let alone the environment many find themselves in with SAPS.




Just look at the following incident reported on by Censorbugbear and Beeld.

Afriforum was contacted after constable Angelique Kok, an Afrikaner police woman, was allegedly cursed by Brig Ndebele for “not driving with her blue lights on” when they were on patrol Friday-night in Sunnyside, Pretoria.

Ndebele was in a police car next to hers and yelled out the window.  The young female constable then stopped her vehicle and climbed out - gesturing to Mrs Ndebele to repeat her comments because she couldn't hear them properly while driving.

Ndebele was in another car with a police-colonel.  Ndebele then walked over to constable Kok's car, took the keys from the police vehicle's ignition and climbed back into her own car with the colonel.  Constable Kok then went to Brig Ndebele's vehicle asking for her keys back as her police-dog was not allowed to remain alone in the vehicle.

Ndebele responded by telling Kok “don't you salute the colonel?”.  Kok responded by saying that she had 'not seen the colonel' (it was at night), but then Mrs Ndebele snarled at the young Afrikaner police officer: “You think you are special because of your skin colour, because you are white”.

W/O Kok's police car was then driven away from the site by someone else.  This occurred at a notorious prostitution spot on the corner of Schoeman and Wessel Streets in Sunnyside.

The young police constable was left standing alone without any transportation or any other colleagues.  She was carrying only her police-revolver.

Kelder said: “Police management claims to be so worried because so many police-officers are being murdered, but then an SAPS-brigadier leaves a young female constable, armed only with her service pistol, alone amongst a bunch of drunk men and prostitutes”.

W/o Kok had to contact a friend to come and fetch her.  She was so traumatised by the racial abuse and the entire experience that she's undergoing psychiatric counselling.  W/o Kok, accompanied by Mr Kelder, placed a charge of crimen injuria at the Lyttelton-police station in Centurion.

This was confirmed by SAPS capt Pinky Tsinyane, provincial police spokesman. “The police are aware of the case.  Once the investigation is complete, the dossier will be referred to the directorate of public prosecutions for a decision whether the case will be prosecuted in the courts, or not”, Tsinyane said.

If you think for one moment that this black, racist “senior officer” in the force will be reprimanded, you haven’t been paying attention.

Monday, 17 October 2011

SA loses billions to negligence and corruption

from: LA Times

zuma-noteREPORTING FROM JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA -- A South African government minister reportedly spends the equivalent of nearly $70,000 of taxpayer money on a trip to Switzerland to visit his girlfriend in jail (facing drug charges), then tells the president that he was on official business.

Now that was embarrassing. (He's been on sick leave since February).

Then there was the minister and the police chief who were implicated in an unlawful deal to lease police buildings at inflated prices, which cost taxpayers more than $250 million.

But those incidents pale beside the sprawling, routine corruption and negligence in South African governance exposed by Willie Hofmeyr, head of an anti-corruption agency called the Special Investigating Unit. He told Parliament this week that around 20% of all government procurements, or about $3.8 billion, go missing each year -- some of it stolen, the rest untraceable because of negligence.

Twenty percent. The government didn't fall. It barely blinked.

Hofmeyr said his unit was investigating more than 900 cases of questionable contracts and conflicts of interest, valued at more than $635 million. But with only 700 investigators, they were scratching the surface. Ten times that number would be needed to do the job properly, he said.

The worst theft, he said, took place at the local level, where there wasn't much oversight.

In a speech in June, the head of the trade union council, Zwelinzima Vavi, condemned a "powerful, corrupt, predatory elite" and called on President Jacob Zuma to act against corrupt ministers.

The council, COSATU, this week called on Zuma to take swift action against Sicelo Shiceka, the minister who is said to have spent nearly $70,000 visiting his lover in a Swiss jail in 2008. Shiceka is also accused of staying in a luxury Cape Town hotel instead of the official house provided by the state.

Shiceka, a close Zuma ally, was investigated by another corruption buster, independent Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, who released her report Friday.

"What matters to me is that something is done, and within a reasonable time frame, so that justice is speedy," she said on television Friday.

Shiceka is one of the government's most controversial figures, with a reputation for a love of bling and a lavish lifestyle. The Citizen newspaper reported that he built himself a luxury mansion in his village of Ingquza Hill in the Eastern Cape and had the local municipality construct a new road to the village. It also claimed he took a helicopter to go shopping.

Shiceka rejected the public protector's findings Friday, saying they were baseless and unfair.

A presidential spokesman said Zuma would respond to the recommendations when he was ready.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mud hut dwellers at it again

26578_358413915816_537235816_4273322_3720906_nWhat do you do when a court accuses you of hate speech for singing “Kill the Boer”?  Why, it is obvious.  You sing “Shoot all the white people” instead.

In case you wondered, “mud hut dwellers” is a term which has nothing to do with people in a specific abode.  It refers to a type of people with a specific mentality and mental capacity.  You wouldn’t expect from mud hut dwellers to understand anything beyond the boundaries of their huts.  Malema is therefore also a mud hut dweller.

HT: Censorbugbear.  Source: Rapport

A group of ANC youth league supporters of Julius Malema sang the song “Shoot all the White People” at the university of Witwatersrand on Friday-evening, 14 October 2011.

Tokelo Nhlapo, a member of the Student Representative Council at the university and also a member of the ANC youth league sang the song while the group was waiting for Malema's arrival to deliver a speech on 'economic freedom'.

Nhlapo started singing the first phrases of the prohibited hate speech song Ayesaba amagwala, but replaced the words  ‘Shoot the Boer’ (dubul'iBhunu) with “dubulu lekgoa”, which means Shoot the White People.

Asked what he meant by singing those words, Nhlapo replied: "I have the right not to comment. I prefer not to say what I meant'.

Co-ruling ANC-party spokesman Keith Khoza commented that this was an unknown version of the Shoot the Boer song. "We have never heard of this version'.

ANC youth league secretary-general said this ' Shoot the White people' song was 'not the song of the youth league'.  The president of the co-ruling Cosatu-trade union movement, Sdumo Dlamini, said he 'rejected the song, it sounds like hate speech'.

Prince noted that Judge Colin Lamont had earlier prohibited the singing of the song "Ayesaba amagwala" because it WAS hate speech.

The ruling African National Congress party has however lodged an appeal against this decision by Lamont in the Constitutional Court.

It was also reported by SAPA that the ANC under the chairmanship of Derek Hanekom continues its internal hearing against Malema and five other youth league leaders behind closed doors.

Keith Khoza confirmed that testimony was given by Housing Minister Tokyo Sexwale - a member of the ANC national executive committee. The hearing is taking place behind closed doors at the Nasrec stadium in Johannesburg.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Madness of Malema

from Before It’s News

malema12In the fashion of racial madness likely to determine the fate of Afrikaners in South Africa, the ANCYL has announced a mass action against 'the oppressor-colonialist-imperialist' that will occur on October twenty-seventh and eighth. The sudden and unexpected arrival of military equipment shipped into South Africa from neighboring Zimbabwe is yet another indication that, for Afrikaners, the threat of UHURU may be at hand. 

The concept of a violent, nationwide purging of Afrikaners (oppressor-colonialist-imperialists) is openly advocated by Julius Malema and other members of the African National Congress - including Nelson Mandela. Malema and his intellectually and morally depleted followers employ 'social justice', 'economic justice', 'climate justice' and a host of other illusory concepts to rationalize and validate their destructive intentions for colonialist-imperialist-oppressors.

In contrast, the ANCYL makes no attempt to disguise its intended use of violence to fulfil the agenda of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR). That agenda is the force behind uprisings across the globe - including the United States.

Malema and his followers are precisely tracking the dictates of Dr. James Cone's Black Liberation Theology - the theology Obama practiced for twenty-plus years. Black Liberation Theology is a component of Black Nationalist ideology. In short, the 'religion' of Black Liberation Theology denigrates oppressor-colonialists to the level of vermin while Black Nationalism rationalizes exterminating that vermin "by any means necessary".

The NDR agenda is foreign to a large percentage of those people targeted for extinction, especially in the United States. That agenda is in-line with the demands of countless Black Nationalist organizations. Those demands include reparations, full redistribution of wealth, the advancement of Socialism and Communism, the creation of nations under the exclusive control of Black Nationalists, the destruction of the oppressor's means of oppression and a host of unearned benefits.

Black Nationalist practitioners - like Van Jones, Julius Malema, Barack Obama, to name a few - have neatly snuggled their NDR agenda within the Progressive Movement; this concealment avoids the unnecessary disdain some oppressor-colonialists might feel towards an ideology advocating their extinction.

The unabashed praise of Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and other notables provides some insulation to the ANC from the consequences of on-going 'colonialist' genocide. Recently, the first lady had a pleasant meeting with Nelson Mandela, the iconic head of the ANC who, in his prime, and beyond the world's purview or concerns, was involved in the murder of countless oppressor-colonialists - Mandela and Obama have much in common

Now that the Afrikaner population is sitting at stage six of the eight stages of genocide, all that remains is a single, explosive interlude to finalize the 'purification' of the African continent and the extermination of 'colonialist-imperialist-oppressor-racists' - This outcome meets or exceeds the expectations of Dr. Khalid Muhammad who, like Obama, modelled his ideological madness after the Black Nationalist artistry of Malcolm X.

Given that Malema shares a kinship with mass murderer Robert Mugabe - who violently purged 'colonialists' from Zimbabwe - and Hugo Chavez - who owns his own legacy of madness, is it any wonder Malema is eager to etch his name in the history book titled, "Madmen And Their Evil Deeds"?

Within the moorings of the concept of UHURU is the tragic reality that, since the day the ANC began destroying South Africa, the Afrikaner population has been systematically and horribly liquidated. All things considered, the mass ravaging of South Africa's 'oppressor-colonialists' on the 27th would merely be an expansion of efforts already well underway and not an expression of hastily planned insanity.

No. Even in a world of moral misfits, the issue of Afrikaner genocide cannot long be concealed nor its consequences to those committing the act, restrained. 

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Black traffic officers assault white farmer

76d0135118ca4c6fb679eb249632a56aYou know, the demented psychotic blind fools praising the ANC government for supposedly building houses (for illegal immigrants) and supplying electricity (which is never paid for by those “previously disadvantaged”), never care to tell the other side of the story.  Like the liberal socialist left, the truth remains a scarce commodity.

This is the latest example of a corrupt criminal government, whether you are referring to provincial or national level.  This is what happens when Marxist terrorists are handed a civilised country and expected to govern it.

A white farmer, being stopped for a non-functioning brake light on his vehicle is harassed and assaulted.  When he indicates that he will be laying charges, he is left to drive off, only to be pursued by 4 traffic police vehicles, forced off the road and attacked like only savage beasts can.  Two of his workers grabbed his two hysterical kids and ran off with them to protect them from the vicious attacks of the traffic officers.

One can only imagine that it must have been a traumatic experience for the two workers as well.  So this is yet another example set by the Marxists in charge.  While they are supposedly providing for the poor (read enriching themselves), they couldn’t give a rat’s bum who is the victim, as long as it isn’t them.

Now any sane person realising they have done something stupid, will either attempt to cover it up or own up to it if they possess any moral standards.  These criminal thugs actually boasted about their “achievements”.

The post has been translated from Beeld, an Afrikaans newspaper,  by a friend.

"This is what a white c*nt looks like after we f*cked him up"

This is how Mpumalanga traffic "officers" bragged after they seriously assaulted the 42 year old farmer from Grootvlei.

Mr. Rikus Ras' two toddlers went hysterical while about ten traffic "officers" assaulted their father.

Little Heinrich (2) and Rikus (3) were with their father when he was stopped by the traffic "officers" at a t-junction.  "I have never in my life been so humiliated and afraid for my life. Fearing the very people who were 'appointed to protect the public'..." he said.

One of the traffic "officers" told mr Ras that his one brake light was defective. Mr Ras got out of his car and checked the light. An argument started and the traffic "officer" started pushing mr Ras around and head-butted him.

Mr Ras informed him that he was going to lay a charge at the police station for the assault.  He then drove of towards the town to go to the police station.

A couple of kilometres further he was forced off the road by 4 traffic police vehicles.

That was when all hell broke loose. One of them tried to break his window while another was choking him through the back window of his pickup truck. One of the "officers" sprayed teargas into the cab of the vehicle.

Two of Ras' workers who were on the vehicle pulled the children through the window and ran away with them for their own safety.

The traffic "officers"dragged him from the vehicle, swore at him, made racist remarks and assaulted him.

He was handcuffed and taken to the police station where he was charged with assault, crimen injuria, and refusing to comply with an order from a traffic "officer".

He was later taken to the Grootvlei police station where he laid charges against the "officers" and he was released on a warning - no bail required.

Mr. Joseph Mabuza, spokesman for the department of safety and security confirmed the incident.

Lt.Col. Leonard Hlathi, police spokesman confirmed that they are investigating the case.