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Sunday, 3 July 2011

The hoax of farm murders

anc_dees-300x266Some psychopaths would like you to believe that farm murders are a hoax.  Whites aren’t being deliberately targeted on farms, smallholdings and in rural areas by gangs of savages.  The weekly reports of attacks, torture and in most cases resulting in murder, is all a fabrication.

The fact that nobody is able, least of all the South African Police Farce, to keep an accurate statistic of exactly how many thousands of people have been slaughtered in the most horrendous manner on farms and smallholdings seems to equate to a hoax in the “minds” of certain people.  Keep in mind that this is the same Farce which can’t account for 20,000 firearms.  The same Farce with criminals in charge (or have you already forgotten about Selebi?)  Or the recent events around tenders and Police Farce connections.

In the same country where the government openly lies about the pass rate of matriculants (final year of secondary school) to support their failing Outcome Based Education joke, corrupt government, provincial and municipal officials literally steal (embezzle is where you actually attempt to hide the fact you are stealing) money faster than they can conjure up new taxes for white citizens to support the cesspool of criminals and the esteemed president can’t keep his ANCYL poodle on a leash, we are to believe that farm murders are a hoax – because nobody has the actual count.

Well, if they embezzled less, I mean steal less, maybe the departments responsible for civil protection would be able to keep statistics on violent crimes, or at least murders.  Oh wait, they said they do.  Remember how they told everybody a year or so ago that the United Kingdom has more violent crime than South Africa?  Just a pity they didn’t tell you that in the UK you’ll get arrested for verbally abusing somebody in the street and that it would count towards violent crime.

So, you can’t count murders in South Africa.  The Police Farce employs known criminals.  But the SA government can tell you with certainty that there is less violent crime in South Africa than in the UK.  You don’t need to have passed a course in research methodology as a precursor to post graduate studies to figure out the logic doesn’t add up, never mind the scientific content.

The fact is I can’t remember a week go by the past few years where I haven’t read or heard about a murder on farmers, smallholding inhabitants or people living in remote rural areas.  Below is yet another example.

image0011By all means decide for yourself which is more credible.  The accounts you read on blogs like these from time to time of the horrific acts committed against these people, or psychopaths telling you it’s all a hoax.

From News24, Johannesburg:

An elderly couple was murdered on their Heidelberg farm on Saturday morning, Gauteng police said.

Constable Tikoane Sonopo said a towing service called the couple's son after their car was found overturned on the R42 road near Vereeniging.

The son went to his parent's Houtpoort farm just after 05:30 and found his 60-year-old mother tied up in the living room with multiple stab wounds. She was already dead.

He found his father, also with multiple stab wounds, dead on the bedroom floor.

Sonopo said the house was ransacked. A rifle and electrical appliances were stolen.

Police were investigating, he said.