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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Proposal to Join the Boer Independence Movement.

The author of this video sent me a message about a year ago informing me of his videos & I recently looked at them again & like this one as he makes some accurate points & is urging people to join the movement for Boer sovereignty / independence. He rightly notes that the Boer people are indigenous to Southern Africa & even has a fuller understanding of their ethnic origins than most Westerners. His economic trading policy is similar to the one Robert van Tonder proposed. Infokemp also suggests a Constitution based on the United States Constitution which is also in keeping with Boer tradition as the Constitutions of the old Boer Republics were in fact modeled in part on the United States Constitution. The President of Genocide Watch has publicly called attention to the Boer genocide which Infokemp references to. He also recognizes the Boers as distinct from the Cape Dutch originated Afrikaners & notes that Boer independence would help them too along with just about every other national / ethnic group living in the region.