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Saturday, 19 February 2011

One farm attack per day

FarmMurdersMonumentSouthAfricaPietersburg_thumb[2]The reason I don’t tolerate communist propaganda BS from brain-dead anti-white liberal hoodlums - even the English newspapers are publishing articles on the frequency of farm attacks and murders.  Something they deliberately withheld in the past to limit international exposure.  Only Afrikaans newspapers published regular articles on farm murders.

The list of murdered farmers is available for anybody interested in doing the research.

But if you want to phone up the local ANC office to ask for a copy, chances are Sipho will fob you off with some more propaganda that no such thing exists.  Farm murders that is.

The ANC thugs got their security guards to prevent Steve Hofmeyr and his group from handing over the list of murdered farmers together with a petition for the SA government to do something about the onslaught on white farmers.  The mud hut dwellers tore up the list and threw it in the street.

But if you rather want Marxist propaganda or regurgitated drivel – go and Google “Kill all Whitey” or “Shut-up Whitey” or whatever some thug hoodlum is calling his tripe nowadays.  There you’ll find 101 reasons why killing a farmer is a good thing.  Or not so bad.  Or not as bad as somebody says.

Then go and read the Marxist agenda of the Frankfurt School (1923) and decide who is holding a blindfold in one hand and a spoon full of shit in the other.  Or do you really need to do the blindfold test to determine whether Marxists actually feed you the crap they are clutching in the other hand, or magically conjure up a spoon full of honey you didn’t notice?

There has been about one farm attack per day in SA since President Jacob Zuma’s state of the nation address on February 10, the Christian Democratic Party said.

“The latest farm murder – that of Alberto Cota near Stellenbosch – brings the tally to at least five farm murders since President Jacob Zuma claimed a reduction in certain categories of crime during his state of the nation address,” said CDP leader Reverend Theunis Botha.

“Some farm attacks have taken place in the Free State and Mpumalanga, in one case the victim is in a critical condition,” he said referring to the attack on a Free State farmer by three men this morning in which the farmer was shot in the head and his bakkie stolen.

“Periodic condemnations by the ANC simply do not cut it especially when the ANC insists on its ‘right’ to sing songs like ‘kill the farmer’.

“Potential attackers must be made to understand quite clearly that farmers are not free game and that the government is serious in rooting out the problem,” he said.

A farmer was attacked on Mara Farm, between Frankfort and Tweeling, at about 11am.

Police were unsure of the exact details of the incident but the farmer was shot in the head and the three attackers fled with his bakkie.

There have been no arrests and police are investigating a case of attempted murder and robbery.


Source: Citypress