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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Apartheid v African Tribalism

It is quite easy to criticise Apartheid when ignoring the alternative.  Any person with half a brain and living in South Africa during the Apartheid years will tell you that certain things had to change.  Some laws had nothing to do with protecting people, but with enriching the elite (exactly what you have with the ANC now).  It is also true that for every fact known about Apartheid, there exists thousands of lies and propaganda, ranging from blacks being starved to death to being killed by the millions.

However, the truth is out there for those interested in finding it.  That’s the beauty of alternative media – not even the leftist liberal loser lackey scum can hide the facts.  Sometimes you don’t even have to read a book.  You just have to listen.  Listen to those stating fact as opposed to spreading propaganda.

Here is another prime example of fact, care of The Right Perspective…

The Right Perspective on Apartheid v African Tribalism