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Friday, 24 July 2009

A picture is worth 30,000 lives (a year)

For those of you not so informed about the history of South Africa and also for the demented liberals - the AWB (Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging - Afrikaner Resistance Movement) is one of the most right wing movements in South Africa. Should the thought of the BNP in Britain send shivers down your spine, the hard-nosed stance and beliefs of the AWB would certainly make you soil your best underwear. So you get the picture? And, by the way, I am not criticizing the beliefs of the AWB - I merely want to put something into perspective for you. The following photo was taken during recent protests for lack of basic services in South Africa. See what these people think of the ANC compared to that ugly bunch of white Nazis (I’m confident the liberals won’t mind me abusing their terminology for a change). Oh, and for the title of this post, I thought the annual estimated murder statistics in South Africa would be an apt reference to the achievements of the ANC.