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Friday, 12 June 2009

Jeering Killers jailed for life

from The Sun

Personally, I think these pieces of scum should be wiped from the face of the earth...

THE heartless killers of tragic schoolboy Ben Kinsella jeered and shouted at his grieving family after receiving their sentences today.

Evil ... Jade Braithwaite, Juress Kikka and Michael Alleyne

Evil ... Jade Braithwaite, Juress Kikka and Michael Alleyne


Juress Kika, 19, Jade Braithwaite, 18, and Michael Alleyne, 20, from London, were given life with a minimum term of 19 years each.

There was loud cheering and shouts of "bye bye" from the public gallery where dozens of Ben's friends and family gathered as the killers were taken down.


Ben Kinsella

Ben Kinsella

Then two of the unrepentant killers, Kika and Alleyne, turned and shouted back at Ben's supporters before being led away.

Members of the defendants' families then exchanged angry words with Ben's friends and relatives in the public gallery before they were led out.

The killers' lawyers all reported that they had been issued with letters from the prison authorities saying the defendants were in danger of revenge attacks in jail.

They could be placed in solitary confinement for their own safety.

One lawyer said: "Jade Braithwaite understands he is a marked man."

Old Bailey judge, the Common Serjeant of London Brian Barker, told them: "Your blind and heartless anger that night defies belief.

Last moments ... Ben staggers

Last moments ... Ben staggers

"He had in front of him a lifetime of promise. You have taken all that away from him in a brutal, cowardly and totally unjustified attack."

Ben's sister, former EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella, 25, said following the sentencing: "It's good enough but it is little more than Ben lived, so it is not really enough."

Ben and his mates had been to a bar to celebrate the end of their GCSE exams when a row broke out in Islington, North London, on June 29 last year.

Although the row had nothing to do with him, he was chased along the street with other youngsters - and stabbed to death when he stopped running.

Ben was stabbed 11 times in five seconds by the three youths in revenge for the "disrespect" shown to Braithwaite earlier.

The Common Serjeant of London, Judge Brian Barker, told the defendants that they took part in a "brutal, cowardly and totally unjustified attack".

Their action that night "defies belief", he said.

"His family will never get over it but he will never be forgotten," the judge said.

"Ben Kinsella was 16 when he died. He had in front of him a lifetime of promise and you have taken all that away from him by a brutal, cowardly and totally unjustified attack.

"The background is depressing and all too familiar in these courts. It reflects the futility of carrying and using knives by some young people.

"Your behaviour generates outrage in all right-minded people and your blind and heartless anger defies belief."