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Friday, 29 May 2009

Thank you, Sarah

As a Boer expatriate living in the United Kingdom, I want to thank Sarah (Sarah Maid of Albion) from the bottom of my heart for her continued efforts to expose the genocide of white farmers in South Africa.  Sarah keeps a running total of farm murders (plaasmoorde), as depicted in the image below.

But Sarah does far more than report on farm murders.  Regular readers will enjoy Sarah's refreshing take on European and world politics, amongst other subjects.


More White crosses on the hill

Sadly I have again updated the figure marking the total number of white South African farmers who have fallen victim to the unreported ethnic genocide, the total has now risen to 3,058.

The latest victims are 74 year old Koos Maas of Elandsfontein, bludgeoned to death on his farm on May 21st, and 66 year old Bernie Liebrandt, shot execution style, at his smallholding in Mnandi yesterday (28th May).  Full English language details of both killings can be found here.