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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Mandela and Obama

mandela_obamaI posted an article a while back called The Mandela Myth. It contains a wealth of information you won’t find in mainstream media, for obvious reasons. The news of Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Great Britain, backing the Mandela Day campaign [1] again made me aware of the fantasy image this “icon” enjoys in the world. The same icon who openly endorsed Jacob Zuma’s election campaign in South Africa. I subsequently received a short piece from Gordon McLeod, where he posed a very valid question.

If the heroics of Mandela prove to be no more than illusions [2] fed by propaganda [3], could this have implications for the United States?


It might be so, since the mystique and adulation attributed to Mandela are likely to have had a significant impact on those people who voted for Obama [4]. That part of the electorate may have been beguiled by a fantasy image of Mandela – a benign, avuncular, all-forgiving figures, of wisdom and mature interpretation. These voters may well have believed that they were obtaining these qualities for their President in the material form of voting for Mandela’s metaphorical nephew, Obama.

Jacob Zuma, Nelson Mandela & Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Jacob Zuma, Nelson Mandela & Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

If Mandela proves to be an empty shell [5], what could the effect be on Obama’s support?

There would seem to be a research possibility here for the social demographers. Is there a Doctorate near The House?

Gordon McLeod


1. Get ready for World Mandela Day!
2. Mandela and the Church Street Massacre
3. The Mandela Myth
4. How Obama got elected
5. Mandela endorses Zuma


Anonymous said...

Its time the truth gets out. Mandela was a terrorist. Remember the saying: One man's terrorist is anothers freedom fighter. The world has been deceived and will continue to be even more in the days to come. He was a killer of children, 46664 - what does the Bible say about the 666. Please people wake up. Its going to hit the fan soon when he kicks the bucket. If only a small fraction of SA's rural minded, ancestor-worshipping folk believe in his Uhuru calling we will have a lot of killers loose on the streets. Chaos! the people are poor and hungry and they dont care to die for his satanic cause.