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Friday, 17 April 2009

Only Two Things Wrong with this World...

slay_corruptionThere are only two things wrong with the world we are living in today. Democracy is alive and well and journalism is dead. Maybe three things then – people are stupid. But then you can blame the stupidity of people to some extent on the death of journalism.

Don’t get mad at me just yet. Let me explain.

Democracy in itself might be a noble idea and fair form of electing government – power is indirectly held by the people in a free electoral system. Whichever definition of democracy you prefer, it usually includes two principles. Firstly, members of society have equal access to power and secondly that those members enjoy universally recognised freedoms and liberties.

Now you really don’t need advanced degrees in political science to figure out the problem with the first principle – equal access to power. What happens when this is applied to environments involving minorities? How do you prevent abuse of minority rights by the tyranny of the majority? Well, clearly only through the application of responsible government. Now you have to ask yourself what the probability of having responsible government would be considering that it is elected by the majority in the first place. So what we are in actual fact saying, is that what we define as responsible government will be based on the moral values and standards of the majority. Surely you can also identify the predicament with the last statement. Should we have a situation where the majority is intent on abusing minority rights, how on earth is the government of the day going to be a responsible one when it is elected from the ranks of the morally corrupt majority in the first place? Do we really believe that by some majestic swish of the magical wand, the individuals elected from within the corrupt ranks will suddenly shed their immoral values and govern for the benefit of all? Let’s be brutally honest here – by applying the most basic logic here, we should realise that those officials elected from the corrupt majority aren’t even likely to govern for the benefit of the majority, let alone the benefit of all. Reagan described the government as the problem and not the solution to the problem for a very good reason.

But wait, I hear you say. That is the whole point of having democracy in the first place. When the government doesn’t govern for the benefit of the majority (notice we have already forgotten about the minority), we will not vote for that political party again! Really? Aren’t we making a few assumptions again? We assume that the morally corrupt majority have come to its senses now and realised that there will be no future in supporting the party elected from within its ranks. But if they haven’t and the corrupt majority within the original majority believe that their needs are still being looked after and they don’t really care about the minority within their ranks being marginalised and dissatisfied now, we must assume that the newly created minority will join ranks with the original minority to raise their collective voice. Or at least that this will happen in the next cycle of people being marginalised. I put it to you that this will be highly unlikely in any tribal environment like we find in Africa. So what you could end up with is a democracy based on the slightest of majority rule with various minorities. Suddenly we remember the original minority we so easily forgot about earlier.

I am not going to discuss the principle of universally recognised freedoms and liberties – purely because in any morally corrupt environment those freedoms and liberties without accountability and responsibility become meaningless.

I would argue that for any democracy to work, you need educated, morally sound people to elect the government. Without those characteristics, you either end up with a situation like the one described earlier or an environment where even the majority could be intimidated because of their stupidity. Apart from educational institutions, I believe the media plays a huge role in educating people. They are supposed to inform the people. They are supposed to be objective. They are supposed to tell the truth. Yes, yes, I do realise sensation sells better than fact. But you had better made sure there is some sort of balance between sensation and fact. Or you merely become part of the machine responsible for dumbing down the masses. So we need proper journalism for democracies to be effective and fair.

You only have to look at the actions of the media during the past election campaign in the United States to realise that journalism isn’t only dead, but it has been replaced by an evil, demonising machine which is unequalled in its visceral and corrupt nature even compared to the most barbaric dictatorships on the planet today.

How else do you explain that a man who has achieved absolutely nothing in his career could be described as the best solution for America today? A man so sanitised and elevated by the media, that people either do not know or don’t care about his dubious actions of the past. A man described as the best orator that country has seen, until he had to give a speech without his trusty tele-prompters. Such a big deal was made about this “great man” in the media, that men described getting tingling feelings down their legs when seeing him. He was praised by the world when we know the majority of people voted for him for no other reason than his skin colour. Due to whitey being demonised by a corrupt, liberal media for decades and made out to be the most evil being this world has ever seen, whitey wanted to prove a point. So they voted for him.

It did not end there. The media was so intent in destroying the candidacy of the “opposition”, that they could care less about fact and fiction during this process. I would love to know how many people to this day know which comments were actually made by Sarah Palin and which not. Which interviews were broadcast in context and which were molded into nothing more than mud to be slung at the target. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t think McCain was an appropriate option to the socialist.

Do yourself a favour and get a copy of John Ziegler’s Media Malpractice and decide for yourself. Or visit howobamagotelected.com and view the clips. And please keep in mind that this man has been supporting the Democrats for most of his life. So he did not produce this documentary from a Republican perspective.
Do you really want more proof of the death of journalism? I’ve got plenty to give you.

That same great Obamessiah used his own white grandmother to describe people he regarded as racist when he referred to her as “a typical white person” and even compared her to reverend Wright. But he was quick to milk the media when he suddenly was concerned for her on her death bed. He even described his own white half as being racist and needing medication. He supposedly never heard anti-white or anti-American speeches from reverend Wright whilst sitting in his church for 20 years, but when people started delving into Wright’s past, Obamessiah was quick to denounce him. He also thought the USA had 57 states. How many times did you hear that in the media?

How about media blackouts of specifically white farm murders by the English-speaking media in South Africa? For no other reason than to limit exposure to international audiences. And Zuma is clever enough to drive a further divide between South Africans by proclaiming Afrikaners the only true white tribe of South Africa.

Where exactly is CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the ministry of lies (Frank from Queens) in exposing atrocities in Zimbabwe and even South Africa, or the rest of the world for that matter? Considering their coverage of the presidential campaign, I would suggest that you are better off preventing the kids from watching these obscure news channels and tearing up their “feel good” history books, than being concerned over them playing violent console games and watching movies with sexual content.

In case you haven’t noticed – they are being psychologically raped by media where journalism is dead and indoctrinated by white-guilt educational systems. And so are you. Or are you already too stupid to see this?

Now you can get mad at me.