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Monday, 20 April 2009

Graphic Protest against White Genocide

odprotest3Uhuru Guru from South Africa Sucks blog reported on the graphic protest organised by Boers fed up with the fact that the communist ANC government in South Africa turns a blind eye to hate crimes against whites and especially elderly folk.

In early March 2009, a gang of savages broke into the Allanridge (Orange Free State) home of Alice Lotter (78) and her daughter Helen (57). The two defenceless women were beaten, humiliated, raped and finally tortured in the most cruel and inhumane way.

The barbaric savages literally cut them to pieces with knives and broken bottles, while still alive. Glass shards were forced into their private parts and one of the ladies had her breasts cut off, after which it was used to paint bloody anti-White hate slogans on the walls. White police officers who investigated the slaughter were severely traumatised and had to receive trauma counselling. Significantly, the Lotter home was less than a block away from the local police station - said police station manned almost exclusively by blacks.

odprotest2As is always the case in such horrendous acts of White-hating genocide, the case received scant or little attention in the MSM. The English media completely blocked any reporting of it, while the Afrikaans press hugely diminished the shocking extent of the crimes. They simply reported that two women had been murdered, but did not breathe a single word of the mind-numbing brutality and shocking manner in which Alice & Helen were tortured to death. It is standard operating procedure to downplay black on white crimes, while the opposite tactic is used for (extremely rare) white on black crimes.

odprotest1Amazingly, cops arrested a number of suspects, whose first court appearance was set for yesterday in the nearby town of Odendaalsrus. For a change, the normally apathetic Whites turned up in fair numbers - approximately 300 Whites arrived at court to protest. The White protesters were galvanised into action by Mr Edwin Leemans of the BVS (Boervolk VryheidStigting) or Boer Freedom Institute. Even Eugene Terreblanche attended along with a few of his supporters.

Terreblanche was quoted as saying “More blood of the Boers has been spilt in recent times than during all the Boer wars put together. Not even Dingaan in his worst savage insanity had thought of torturing our women to death with broken bottles”.

The black murderers were appearing in court for their bail application. Another court appearance at the same time involved two White farmers and several of their farm workers, who were charged with the death of a black criminal caught stealing mealies. For this case, the executive mayor of Matjhabeng, which comprises the towns of Odendaalsrus, Allan Ridge and Welkom pitched up with a contingent of ANC supporters to protest against the farmers.

odprotest4A major conflict situation escalated as the ANC started singing freedom songs, chanting political slogans and taunting the Whites. On their part, Mr Leemans & Terreblance retaliated by singing Die Stem, which effectively drowned out the chattering, ululating blacks. The black mayor, Mrs Mathabo Leetho then instructed the cops to arrest the protesting Whites. Leetho, being the mayor, had ensured that she applied for permission to protest at the court. Leemans and Terreblanche had also applied for permission for their protest but (surprise surprise) was refused permission, while the black mayor (no surprise) received her go-ahead.

Leetho then softened her anti-White attitude and with snake-like guile attempted to sweet-talk the enraged Whites into joining her protest. “Let us take hands and protest together against crime across the colour divide”, but the assembled Boere quickly told this cheeky bitch to where to go, drowning out her exhortations with loud singing, chanting and playing of trumpets. At this point an enraged Mama Afrika exhorted the cops to arrest the Whites. Terreblanche then moved his contingent some distance away, saying “I am prepared to again go to prison for my cause, and I will come out stronger again!”

odprotest7To quote the media, some “upsetting scenes were next witnessed”. At this point, Mr Edwin Leemans of the BVS started stabbing the effigies violently with knives and broken bottles, while other White supporters splattered the effigies and bystanders with fake blood. Next, the effigies were hoisted up on ropes and set on fire to the roaring approval of the White crowd. Leemans was quoted as saying that he wanted to graphically illustrate the cruelty and savagery suffered by the two hapless White women.

For the first time since 1994, real and palpable fear was seen in the eyes and faces of the assembled and they trembled like the pathetic cowards they are. I for one hope that this is only the beginning of this phenomenon - White people starting to stand up for ourselves and showing these savages we will no longer tolerate their brutality. Your typical savage is a cowardly creature - quite reminiscent of a hyiena - they are extremely brave when assembled in large groups, or when faced with their usual victims, being defenceless White women, children or the elderly, but when confronted with strong-willed, single-minded White men, they wither, shudder and tremble like the spineless, cowardly scum they are.


“On behalf of SAS, our readers and all right-thinking White South Africans I wish to say this to Mr Leemans and Terreblanche: take a bow, gents - we salute you for your actions of yesterday. Its high time we Whites stand up for ourselves. Thank you for providing the leadership and show of force our people so desperately lack.”

The two savages who tortured the women to death had their bail application postponed to 18 May 2009. Thapelo Hlongwane (21) and Joseph Khumalo (19) will remain in custody.