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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Curse of White Guilt

The thoughts of Viking, an Ulsterman of Norse and Anglo-Saxon heritage, a proud European:

whiteguiltWhen Barack Obama was elected president of the United States, I recall hearing a speech by a black American preacher whose name I am too lazy to look up. It went along the lines of: “the red man can get ahead, man. Yellow can be mellow, black won’t be held back, brown can stick around” yada yada yada, you get the picture and probably remember it better than I do. Despite being incredibly crass and tasteless, the speaker also looked forward to the day when “white will do what is right.”

My brain froze up at this point, so I don’t know what followed, but I do remember being deeply offended by this statement. And in such a public forum, surely this was inappropriate and insensitive? Much has been made of anti-white racism lately in the blogosphere, and here was firm evidence of the sentiment in action.

What the speaker is saying, in essence, is that all the other races, as he so brilliantly characterises them, are being held back by the wicked white man, who himself must learn to stop doing what is wrong and embrace what is “right”.

I may have got my wires crossed here, but was it not white people that just elected Barack Obama president of their country? Is he saying that this was wrong? Or was it some other activity of white people that he believes is “wrong”?

I think I am defective in some way, as I do not suffer from, and never have suffered from, “White Guilt”, that belief that “we” have destroyed the world for “our” own ends and must eternally pay for it as a result. The part that is hardest to accept is that it is not other ethnicities that conjured up this notion, but we ourselves. Or rather, those who claim to speak for us. The reason I do not suffer from this affliction, is partly because I happen to think that “we” (whatever that means) have contributed greatly to the cause of humanity, and have managed to construct progressive and prosperous nations throughout the world.

Since World War II, when the atrocities of the Nazis became well-known, Europe has surrendered to this way of thinking; That we are defective, that we are inhuman, and that we are the scourge of the earth. Now, Nazism and its atrocities are no more representative of “white”, or European, culture than of any other, and we have no need to feel guilty about who we are. But that is not the way things have turned out. We have used our tolerant, liberal culture to allow our societies to be flooded with intolerant people, perhaps in the naive hope we can change them?

We have allowed minority interest groups to dictate to the majority through bullying tactics, while democracy is based on the very idea of majority rule and the collective wisdom of all of the people. We send billions in aid to corrupt regimes that starve their own people, at the behest of our own citizens who wish to assuage their twisted senses of guilt and responsibility, thereby creating the world’s largest welfare states in Africa and around the world. We belittle our own achievements and try to seek out nobility in other cultures, or rather our rose-tinted interpretations of them.

Our leaders simper and swoon over those who tell us how much we are oppressing them, while they demand payment from us to preserve their own sick societies in compensation. We punish our people for expressing their identity for fear of “offending” certain groups, while we allow those same groups to trample the human rights and freedoms we have established throughout years of wars and conflict against tyranny. We teach our children that all we have done in the world is wrong, and that the ultimate good is to “respect” the un-respectable.

And for what? It is the erroneous and morally bankrupt belief that our “generosity of spirit” will change those around us, while in reality they mock us. Our magnanimity is seen as a sign of weakness, and our culture of tolerance is viewed as a cultural vacuum to be exploited by those who share none of our values.

This self-hating so-called “Liberalism” is really our old friend Socialism rearing its ugly head once more. The self-righteousness of the few is used as a stick to beat the shamed masses into submission, until all that has been accomplished by Europeans in the world is either ascribed to other peoples, or is absorbed under some kind of new communist world order, or Islamic caliphate.

Why do I not suffer from White Guilt?

Because I am aware.

Acutely aware of how brutal and intolerant this world is. Man’s inhumanity to man is all-encompassing, runs like wildfire through every human civilisation on earth, and seems to know no bounds. Amidst the cruelty, genocide, torture and enslavement that occurs daily on this planet, some countries have found a better way. Some people have grown tired of oppression and inequality and have built societies, at huge cost to themselves, that hold the evil to account for their actions, that try hard to spread fairness and justice even beyond their borders. By no means all, but most of those countries are populated in the main by white people, and while I am far, far from being a Supremacist, I remain proud of what “my people” have achieved.

In spite of its many ills and injustices, colonialism brought far more good than evil, rescued millions from abuse and poverty, and made the world a better place. Europeans did not invent slavery, but we ended it – the only people to do so. Our societies are more tolerant, open to others, and respectful of minorities than any on earth.

And how do we know? Because we’ve met them.

Widespread exploration and an era of discovery led the white man into contact with every other society on earth, the only ones to do so. And we didn’t like what we saw. There was no Prester John anywhere to dazzle us with his superior civilisation. We learned that Atlantis was a myth. Only the Chinese managed to impress, with Marco Polo waxing lyrical about their remarkable achievements whilst finding time to invent his fun swimming pool game.

So, when public speakers make remarks like the one above, they would do well to consider the alternatives to living in America.