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Friday, 30 January 2009

Anti-Islam Film Sparks Hate Speech Trial

Shame on The Netherlands

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Jewish board lays complaint over minister's comments


The Jewish Board of Deputies has filed a complaint of hate speech against Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Fatima Hajaig with the South African Human Rights Commission.

In a statement on Wednesday, the board said the complaint was in response to Hajaig's alleged statements during an address in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg, on January 14.

She allegedly said: "They [Jews] control [America], no matter which government comes into power, whether Republican or Democratic, whether Barack Obama or George Bush ...

"Their control of America, just like the control of most Western countries, is in the hands of Jewish money and if Jewish money controls their country then you cannot expect anything."

Board chairperson Zev Krengel said: "The decision to lodge the complaint had not been taken lightly, but there had not been any realistic alternative.

"Not since the era of pro-Nazi Nationalist MPs more than half a century ago had such statements been made against Jews by a senior government official."

Board director Wendy Kahn described the alleged comments as "classic anti-Jewish stereotyping and conspiracy-theory mongering".

She said such comments were typically used by those seeking to portray Jews as scheming, manipulative and disloyal to the countries in which they lived.

"The Jewish community is outraged by such a public display of bigotry by a senior government representative. As South African citizens, we cannot allow this kind of comment to be brought into this country."

Foreign affairs spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa said the department was not aware of the board's complaint. He added that it also had not received any complaints in this regard.

When asked if the department would investigate the allegations, Mamoepa responded by saying Hajaig was in Japan attending the South Africa-Japan Partnership Forum.

"The South African government of which Hajaig is a member of has committed itself to fighting all forms of racism in all its manifestations, including anti-Semitism," he said.

The Democratic Alliance has called for Hajaig to be sacked if she did not offer an immediate public apology.

Party MP Tony Leon said: "It is incumbent upon Hajaig to immediately apologise to the people of South Africa in general, the Jewish community in particular, and to US President Barack Obama.

"In this regard, it is telling that more than two weeks after she was requested to apologise by, amongst others, Zachie Achmat, Nathan Geffen and Guy Berger, she has still not seen fit to do so.

"This makes it clear that she feels absolutely no contrition, nor believes her comments to have been offensive." -- Sapa

Sacrificing patriots to shield mass murderers


How would President Kgalema Motlanthe and other Southern African Development Community (SADC) heads of state explain to Jestina Mukoko why they still treat Robert Mugabe with kid gloves and why they can't even wrest the rampant Zimbabwean police from his control?

There's a good chance Motlanthe and his brothers don't even know who Mukoko is - there is no one as deaf as those who don't want to hear.

She is the director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) and is being held in a male prison in leg irons without proper medical care for the injuries she sustained when tortured by the police.

Mukoko was one of more than 30 ZPP staffers and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) activists who were abducted by the Zimbabwean police in November and December and kept at secret locations. They were only found by lawyers two days before Christmas.

The next day, nine of them were produced in the magistrate's court, and that same evening a high court judge granted an order for the release of Mukoko and several others to Avenues Clinic for medical examination and treatment under police guard, as well as the outright release of 23 others.

The police are still refusing to execute this order from the high court. All the abducted people were locked up in Chikurubi maximum security prison.

They were examined a few days later and strong evidence of torture was found.

On the last day of 2008, lawyers lodged an urgent high court application on behalf of Mukoko for an order compelling the police to disclose the identities of those responsible for her abduction and detention.

Minister of State Security Didymus Mutasa filed an affidavit confirming state security involvement in her seizure and detention, but claimed that divulging the information sought would prejudice national security.

A week ago lawyers succeeded in getting Mukoko's case referred to the Zimbabwe Supreme Court for an order to grant redress for numerous breaches of her constitutional rights by the State.

The Zimbabwean chief justice, after he had seen a doctor's affidavit stressing the inadequacy of the prison hospital and the necessity for getting Mukoko medical attention in a hospital with proper facilities, directed that she should receive "appropriate medical attention as a matter of urgency".

More than a week later she was taken, in leg irons and under armed escort, to Avenues Clinic. There she was examined by doctors and, still in leg irons, sent for X-rays and an ultrasound scan to assess her injuries. She was put on a drip and admitted for treatment.

But the prison warders refused to allow her to remain and against her will, and still on the drip, took her back to Chikurubi.

The doctors refused to sign her discharge papers, as she was removed against their professional medical advice.

How would Motlanthe, who acts in your and my name, explain to Mukoko, a proud and dignified Zimbabwean patriot, why he is helping to shield the man responsible for her torment?

Zimbabwe's Legal Resources Foundation has documented the "continuing flagrant disregard of court orders by state functionaries".

Zimbabwe has "reached a situation where an executive authority completely ignores the orders of the courts, thus placing itself above the law, able to do whatever it wishes to citizens, ignoring all laws and constitutional rights, abusing its powers at will and with impunity".

In short, Mugabe is tearing up the constitution he helped to write.
This is the regime that Motlanthe and his brothers are propping up. A president and a party who had lost the elections they themselves had organised and overseen.

A president and a party under whose leadership about 3 000 people have died of a preventable disease, cholera. (The fortune Grace Mugabe spent shopping in the Far East recently alone would have saved dozens of lives.)
Poor Morgan Tsvangirai. The MDC leader can parade his track record and popular support all he wants, the heads of state of the region just don't like him.

It started with Thabo Mbeki, who seemed to agree with Mugabe that Tsvangirai was too fond of white people to be a good African.

Now Tsvangirai is damned either way: If he rejects SADC's deal of joining a unity government and sharing the control over the department that runs elections and the police, Mugabe will form his own government and simply continue the raping and pillaging.

If he does join, Mugabe, Zanu-PF, the army and the police will do everything in their power to marginalise and frustrate him and his party, while claiming legitimacy for their new government.

This has been the problem with our continent since the days tyrant and mass murderer Idi Amin was cheered at meetings of the old Organisation of African Unity: we fear and honour the violent dictators among us in the name of African pride and solidarity.

I never thought an ANC leader would be a part of that, and now we've had two in a row.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

ANC leaders: If it moves, shag it


What is it with ANC top brass keeping their pants zipped? Zuma laid into a house friend, has just married his sixth wife(?) no doubt in addition to the many girlfriends on the side. Now Motley the puppet prez himself has got two affairs going simultaneously, impregnating one.

Hey you dimwits, there is a country to run and your attentions should be focused on overcoming (pun intended) the mountain of crap you created. The last thing you should be worried about is your next shag!

Claims this weekend by the Sunday Independent that President Kgalema Motlanthe is conducting two affairs, one of them with a 24-year-old who is pregnant with his child have shocked South Africa.

The question that arises is: Should the private life of a politician be subject to this sort of public scrutiny? The ANC doesn’t think so, stating that it is a “private matter” not worthy of comment.

The argument for privacy is an interesting one. It suggests that public officials be scrutinised only on the performance of their public duties.

This argument is not convincing. Public office is much more than the performance of a set of duties.

It is also about providing leadership and providing an example to the nation of the sort of behaviour that is appropriate for this country to heal and move forward.

Multiple partners, relationships with those half your age and the like - should they be proved true - set a very bad example for a country struggling to find some kind of moral centre, never mind one fighting Aids.

Motlanthe should come clean about this affairs and offer the nation an explanation.

SA illegal immigrant raped Brit woman 'because she was white'


Obviously the police are not treating this as a racist hate crime. It involved a black on white crime, duh, so it can't be racist.

An illegal immigrant from South Africa has been jailed for nine years for raping an 18-year-old British woman because she was white, Exeter Crown Court has been told.

Black South African Amos Moobeng, 35, lured two women back to the Devon farm at which he was staying in 2007. After assaulting one woman who rejected his sexual advances, Moobeng locked her friend in a room and raped her.

The judge, referring to Moobeng’s comments to friends when he met the women that night, said: “You deliberately targeted two white females and it appears on the evidence you targeted them because they were white.”

The court heard that Moobeng had met the two women in a hotel bar in Cullompton, Devon in August 2007. They later tried to get into a nightclub in Exeter, but were turned away and without any money for a taxi, the women reluctantly agreed to spend the night at Moobeng’s house.

After one of the women, aged 20, spurned his advances for sex he slapped her and then dragged her teenage friend into a room, locking the door so she could not escape.

Moobeng fled the house after the rape but was found nearby after being tracked by a police dog. He was found guilty of rape and false imprisonment and admitted assault.

Sentencing Moobeng, Judge Jeremy Griggs said: “That evening you deliberately targeted two white females because they were white.

“You dragged the other girl into the house and locked the doors so she could not escape. You dragged her upstairs by the wrists, causing her significant injuries, before subjecting her to a short but violent rape.”

Deportation papers have been served on the 35-year-old illegal immigrant who went on the run after the sex attack, shaving off his dreadlocks and hiding in Scotland. The South African had outstayed a visitor’s visa and gave a false name when arrested.

* Moobeng has merely imported a South African tradition. In his home country, there were 55,000 reported rapes in 2006. Official estimates are that there are an additional 450,000 rape cases that go unreported.

This means that on average approximately 1,300 women can be expected to be raped every day in that country.

A study by Interpol, the international police agency, has revealed that South Africa leads the world in rapes. According to their figures, a woman is raped in South Africa every 17 seconds. This does not include the number of child rape victims.

Interpol said it estimated that one in every two women in South Africa would be raped.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

SAA crew held in London for 50kg of cannabis

from Loggi @ I Luv SASource:

How much more damage can we do to our image in the UK?

I don't need the results of any investigation to know that the cabin crew must be really pissed off to be arrested for something they were no part of.

Every flight from this once proud rainbow nation will now be seen as a potential drug haul. These criminals are doing our international reputation irreparable harm.

Fifteen crew members of an SAA flight were arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport on Tuesday after the UK Border Agency found 50kg of cannabis in their possession.

The agency said in a statement that the cannabis, valued at about R2.1 million, was discovered in three pieces of baggage on South African Airways flight SA 234 from Johannesburg on arrival at 8am.

Those being held were both flight and cabin crew. Bob Gaiger, spokesman for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs at Heathrow, said those arrested were being held in custody and questioned.

“HMRC, together with UKBA (UK Border Agency), play a vital role in the fight to prevent illegal drugs from entering the UK and in protecting our communities from the violence and corruption that always accompany this hideous trade,” said Gaiger.

SAA spokeswoman Robyn Chalmers confirmed that all crew members on the Johannesburg-London flight were detained by British customs.

“They are being questioned to identify the owner of the bags,” she said in a statement. An investigation in Johannesburg, involving SAA Aviation Security and the police’s crime intelligence unit, was also underway.

The unknown Martin Luther King jr

from Vanilla Ice @ I Luv SASource:

What is it with the black race? Can they not generate a single original thought? They love to posture, pretend and embellish, and we are too damn guilty to state the obvious, instead let's just build monuments.

Forty years after his death, the popularity of Martin Luther King remains extraordinary. He is perhaps the single most praised person in American history, and millions adore him as a hero and almost a saint. The federal government has made space available on the Mall in Washington for a national monument for King, not far from Lincoln’s.

Only four men in American history have national monuments: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt; and now King will make five.

King is the only American who enjoys the nation’s highest honor of having a national holiday on his birthday. There are other days of remembrance such as Presidents’ Day, but no one else but Jesus Christ is recognized with a similar holiday. Does King deserve such honors? Much that has been known to scholars for years—but largely unknown to most Americans—suggests otherwise.

As a young man, King started plagiarizing the work of others and he continued this practice throughout his career.

At Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania, where he received a bachelor of divinity degree in 1951, many of his papers contained material lifted verbatim and without acknowledgement from published sources. An extensive project started at Stanford University in 1984 to publish all of King’s papers tracked down the original sources for these early papers and concluded that his academic writings are “tragically flawed by numerous instances of plagiarism.” Journalist Theodore Pappas, who has also reviewed the collection, found one paper showing “verbatim theft” in 20 of a total of 24 paragraphs. He writes:

“King’s plagiarisms are easy to detect because their style rises above the level of his pedestrian student prose. In general, if the sentences are eloquent, witty, insightful, or pithy, or contain allusions, analogies, metaphors, or similes, it is safe to assume that the section has been purloined.”King also plagiarized himself, recycling old term papers as new ones. Some of his professors complained about sloppy references, but they seem to have had no idea how extensively he was stealing material, and his habits were well established by the time he entered the PhD program at Boston University. King plagiarized one-third of his 343-page dissertation, the book-length project required to earn a PhD, leading some to say he should be stripped of his doctoral degree. Mr. Pappas explains that King’s plagiarism was a lifelong habit:

“King’s Nobel Prize Lecture was plagiarized extensively from works by Florida minister J. Wallace Hamilton; the sections on Gandhi and nonviolence in his ‘Pilgrimage’ speech were taken virtually verbatim from Harris Wofford’s speech on the same topic; the frequently replayed climax to the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech—the ‘from every mountainside, let freedom ring’ portion—came from a 1952 address to the Republican National Convention by a black preacher named Archibald Carey; and the 1968 sermon in which King prophesied his martyrdom was based on works by J. Wallace Hamilton and Methodist minister Harold Bosley.”Perhaps King had no choice but to use the words of others. Mr. Pappas has found that on the Graduate Record Exam, King “scored in the second-lowest quartile in English and vocabulary, in the lowest ten percent in quantitative analysis, and in the lowest third on his advanced test in philosophy.”

King lived a double life. During the day, he would speak to large crowds, quoting Scripture and invoking God’s will, and at night he frequently had sex with women from the audience. “King’s habits of sexual adventure had been well established by the time he was married,” says Michael Eric Dyson of Georgetown University, a King admirer. He notes that King often “told lewd jokes,” “shared women with friends,” and was “sexually reckless.” According to King biographer Taylor Branch, during a long party on the night of January 6 and 7, 1964, an FBI bugging device recorded King’s “distinctive voice ring out above others with pulsating abandon, saying, “˜I’m f***ing for God!’”

Sex with single and married women continued after King married, and on the night before his death, King had two adulterous trysts. His first rendezvous was at a woman’s house, the second in a hotel room. The source for this was his best friend and second-in-command, Ralph Abernathy, who noted that the second woman was “a member of the Kentucky legislature,” now known to be Georgia Davis Powers.

Abernathy went on to say that a third woman was also looking for King that same night, but found his bed empty. She knew his habits and was angry when they met later that morning. In response, writes Abernathy, King “lost his temper” and “knocked her across the bed. . . . She leapt up to fight back, and for a moment they were engaged in a full-blown fight, with [King] clearly winning.” A few hours later, King ate lunch with Abernathy and discussed the importance of nonviolence for their movement.

To other colleagues, King justified his adultery this way: “I’m away from home twenty-five to twenty-seven days a month. F***ing’s a form of anxiety reduction.” King had many one-night stands but also grew close to one of his girlfriends in a relationship that became, according to Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer David Garrow, “the emotional centerpiece of King’s life.” Still, sex with other women remained “a commonplace of King’s travels.”

In private, King could be extremely crude. On one FBI recording, King said to Abernathy in what was no doubt a teasing remark, “Come on over here, you big black motherf***er, and let me suck your d**k.” FBI sources told Taylor Branch about a surveillance tape of King watching a televised rerun of the Kennedy funeral. When he saw the famous moment when Jacqueline Kennedy knelt with her children before her dead husband’s coffin, King reportedly sneered, “Look at her. Sucking him off one last time.”

Despite his obsession with sex and his betrayal of his own wife and children, and despite Christianity’s call for fidelity, King continued to claim the moral authority of a Baptist minister.

King stated that the “vast majority of white Americans are racist” and that they refused to share power. His solution was to redistribute wealth and power through reparations for slavery and racial quotas:

“No amount of gold could provide an adequate compensation for the exploitation and humiliation of the Negro in America down through the centuries. Not all the wealth of this affluent society could meet the bill. Yet a price can be placed on unpaid wages. . . . The payment should be in the form of a massive program by the government of special, compensatory measures which could be regarded as a settlement.” Continued King, “Moral justification for such measures for Negroes is rooted in the robberies inherent in the institution of slavery.” He named his plan the Bill of Rights for the Disadvantaged. Some poor whites would also receive compensation because they were “derivative victims of slavery,” but the welfare of blacks was his central focus.

King has been praised, even by conservatives, as the great advocate of color-blindness. They focus too narrowly on one sentence in his “I Have a Dream” speech, in which he said he wanted to live in a nation “where [my children] will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” The truth is that King wanted quotas for blacks. “[I]f a city has a 30 percent Negro population,” King reasoned, “then it is logical to assume that Negroes should have at least 30 percent of the jobs in any particular company, and jobs in all categories rather than only in menial areas.”

One of King’s greatest achievements is said to have been passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. At the signing ceremony on July 2, he stood directly behind President Lyndon Johnson as a key guest. The federal agency created by the act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, now monitors hiring practices and ensures that King’s desires for racial preferences are met.

Like liberals today, King denied racial differences. In a reply to an interviewer who told him many Southern whites thought racial differences were a biological fact, he replied:

“This utterly ignorant fallacy has been so thoroughly refuted by the social scientists, as well as by medical science, that any individual who goes on believing it is standing in an absolutely misguided and diminishing circle. The American Anthropological Association has unanimously adopted a resolution repudiating statements that Negroes are biologically, in innate mental ability or in any other way inferior to whites.”The conclusions to be drawn from his belief in across-the-board equality were clear: failure by blacks to achieve at the level of whites could be explained only by white oppression. As King explained in one interview, “I think we have to honestly admit that the problems in the world today, as they relate to the question of race, must be blamed on the whole doctrine of white supremacy, the whole doctrine of racism, and these doctrines came into being through the white race and the exploitation of the colored peoples of the world.” King predicted that “if the white world” does not stop this racism and oppression, “then we can end up in the world with a kind of race war.”

In his public speeches, King never called himself a communist, instead claiming to stand for a synthesis of capitalism and communism: “[Capitalism] fails to realize that life is social. Communism fails to realize that life is individual. Truth is found neither in the rugged individualism of capitalism nor in the impersonal collectivism of communism. The Kingdom of God is found in a synthesis that combines the truths of these two opposites.”

However, David Garrow found that in private King “made it clear to close friends that economically speaking he considered himself what he termed a Marxist.” Mr. Garrow passes along an account of a conversation C.L.R. James, a Marxist intellectual, had with King: “King leaned over to me saying, ‘I don’t say such things from the pulpit, James, but that is what I really believe.’. . . King wanted me to know that he understood and accepted, and in fact agreed with, the ideas that I was putting forward—ideas which were fundamentally Marxist-Leninist. . . . I saw him as a man whose ideas were as advanced as any of us on the Left, but who, as he actually said to me, could not say such things from the pulpit. . . . King was a man with clear ideas, but whose position as a churchman, etc. imposed on him the necessity of reserve.” J. Pius Barbour, a close friend of King’s at seminary, agreed that he “was economically a Marxist.”

Some of King’s most influential advisors were Communists with direct ties to the Soviet Union. One was Stanley Levison, whom Mr. Garrow called King’s “most important political counselor” and “at Martin Luther King’s elbow.” He organized fundraisers for King, counseled him on tax issues and political strategy, wrote fundraising letters and his United Packinghouse Workers Convention speech, edited parts of his books, advised him on his first major national address, and prepped King for questions from the media. Coretta Scott King said of Levison that he was “[a]lways working in the background, his contribution has been indispensable,” and Mr. Garrow says the association with Levison was “without a doubt King’s closest friendship with a white person.”

What were Levison’s political views? John Barron is the author of Operation SOLO, which is about “the most vital intelligence operation the FBI ever had sustained against the Soviet Union.” Part of its work was to track Levison who, according to Mr. Barron, “gained admission into the inner circle of the communist underground” in the US. Mr. Garrow, a strong defender of King, admits that Levison was “one of the two top financiers” of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA), which received about one million dollars a year from the Soviet Union. Mr. Garrow found that Levison was “directly involved in the Communist Party’s most sensitive financial dealings,” and acknowledged there was first-hand evidence of Levison’s “financial link to the Soviet Union.”

Hunter Pitts O’Dell, who was elected in 1959 to the national committee, the governing body for the CPUSA, was another party member who worked for King. According to FBI reports, Levison installed O’Dell as the head of King’s New York office, and later recommended that O’Dell be made King’s executive assistant in Atlanta.

King knew his associates were Communists. President Kennedy himself gave an “explicit personal order” to King advising against his “shocking association with Stanley Levison.” Once when he was walking privately with King in the White House Rose Garden, Kennedy also named O’Dell and said to King: “They’re Communists. You’ve got to get rid of them.”

The Communist connections help explain why Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy authorized the FBI to wiretap King’s home and office telephones in October 1963. Kennedy, like his brother John, was deeply sympathetic to King but also aware of the threat of communism.

Mr. Garrow tried to exonerate King of the charge of being a fellow traveler by arguing that Levison broke with the CPUSA while he worked for King, that is, from the time he met King in the summer of 1956 until King’s death in 1968. However, as historian Samuel Francis has pointed out, an official break with the CPUSA does not necessarily mean a break with the goals of communism or with the Soviet Union.

John Barron argues that if Levison had defected from the CPUSA and renounced communism, he would not have associated with former comrades, such as CP officials Lem Harris, Hunter Pitts O’Dell, and Roy Bennett (Levison’s twin brother who had changed his last name). He was also close to the highly placed KGB officer Victor Lessiovsky, who was an assistant to the head of the United Nations, U Thant.

Mr. Barron asks why Lessiovsky would “fritter away his time and risk his career . . . by repeatedly indulging himself in idle lunches or amusing cocktail conversation with an undistinguished lawyer [Levison] . . . who had nothing to offer the KGB, or with someone who had deserted the party and its discipline, or with someone about whom the KGB knew nothing? . . . And why would an ordinary American lawyer . . . meet, again and again, with a Soviet assistant to the boss of the United Nations?”

Other Communists who worked with King included Aubrey Williams, James Dombrowski, Carl Braden, William Melish, Ella J. Baker, Bayard Rustin, and Benjamin Smith. King also “associated and cooperated with a number of groups known to be CPUSA front organizations or to be heavily penetrated and influenced by members of the Communist Party—for example, the Southern Conference Educational Fund; Committee to Secure Justice for Morton Sobell; the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America; the National Lawyers Guild; and the Highlander Folk School.

The CPUSA clearly tried to influence King and his movement. An FBI report of May 6, 1960 from Jack Childs, one of the FBI’s most accomplished spies and a winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for Intelligence, said that the CP “feels that it is definitely to the Party’s advantage to assign outstanding Party members to work with the [Martin] Luther King group. CP policy at the moment is to concentrate upon Martin Luther King.”

As Republican Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina concluded in a Senate speech written by Francis, King’s alliance with Communists was evidence of “identified Communists . . . planning the influencing and manipulation of King for their own purposes.” At the same time, King relied on them for speech writing, fundraising, and raising public awareness. They, in turn, used his stature and fame to their own benefit. Senator Helms cited Congressman John M. Ashbrook, a ranking member of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, who said: “King has consistently worked with Communists and has helped give them a respectability they do not deserve. I believe he has done more for the Communist Party than any other person of this decade.”

King strongly doubted several core beliefs of Christianity. “I was ordained to the Christian ministry,” he claimed, but Stanford University’s online repository includes King’s seminary writings in which he disputed the full divinity of Jesus, the Virgin Birth, and the Resurrection, suggesting that we “strip them of their literal interpretation.”

Regarding the divine nature of Jesus, King wrote that Jesus was godlike, but not God. People called Jesus divine because they “found God in him” like a divinely inspired teacher, not because he literally was God, as Jesus himself claimed. On the Virgin Birth, King wrote:

“First we must admit that the evidence for the tenability of this doctrine is to [sic] shallow to convince any objective thinker. How then did this doctrine arise? A clue to this inquiry may be found in a sentence from St. Justin’s First Apology. Here Justin states that the birth of Jesus is quite similar to the birth of the sons of Zeus. It was believed in Greek thought that an extraordinary person could only be explained by saying that he had a father who was more than human. It is probable that this Greek idea influenced Christian thought.”

Concerning the Resurrection, King wrote: “In fact the external evidence for the authenticity of this doctrine is found wanting.” The early church, he says, formulated this doctrine because it “had been captivated by the magnetic power of his [Jesus’] personality. This basic experience led to the faith that he could never die. And so in the pre-scientific thought pattern of the first century, this inner faith took outward form.” Thus, in this view, Jesus’ body never rose from the dead, even though according to Scripture, “And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile.”

Two other essays show how King watered down Christianity. In one, he wrote that contemporary mystery religions influenced New Testament writers: “[A]fter being in contact with these surrounding religions and hearing certain doctrines expressed, it was only natural for some of these views to become part of their subconscious minds. . . . That Christianity did copy and borrow from Mithraism cannot be denied, but it was generally a natural and unconscious process rather than a deliberate plan of action.” In another essay, King wrote that liberal theology “was an attempt to bring religion up intellectually,” and the introduction to the paper at the Stanford website says that King was “scornful of fundamentalism.” King wrote that in fundamentalism the Trinity, the Atonement, and the Second Coming are “quite prominent,” but again, these are defining beliefs of Christianity.

Known and unknown
King is both known and unknown. Millions worldwide see him as a moral messiah, and American schools teach young children to praise him. In the United States there are no fewer than 777 streets named for him. But King is also unknown because only a few people are aware of the unsavory aspects of his life. The image most people have of King is therefore cropped and incomplete.

In the minds of many, King towers above other Americans as a distinguished orator and writer, but this short, 5"6' man often stole the words of others. People believe he was a Christian, but he doubted some of the fundamentals of the faith. Our country honors King, but he worked closely with Communists who aimed to destroy it. He denied racial differences, but fought for racial favoritism in the form of quotas. He claimed to be for freedom, but he wanted to force people to associate with each other and he promoted the redistribution of wealth in the form of reparations for slavery. He quoted the ringing words of the Bible and claimed, as a preacher, to be striving to be more like Jesus, but his colleagues knew better.

Perhaps he, too, knew better. His closest political advisor, Stanley Levison, said King was “an intensely guilt-ridden man” and his wife Coretta also called him “a guilt-ridden man.” Levison said that the praise heaped upon King was “a continual series of blows to his conscience” because he was such a humble man. If King was guilt-ridden might it have been because he knew better than anyone the wide gap between his popular image and his true character?

The FBI surveillance files could throw considerable light on his true character, but they will not be made public until 2027. On January 31, 1977, as a result of lawsuits by King’s allies against the FBI, a US district judge ordered the files sealed for 50 years. There are reportedly 56 feet of records—tapes, transcripts, and logs—in the custody of the National Archives and Record Service.

Meanwhile, for those who seek to know the real identity of this nearly untouchable icon, there is still plenty of evidence with which to answer the question: Was Martin Luther King, Jr. America’s best and greatest man?

Monday, 19 January 2009


from I Luv SA


A few months ago there was a lot of brouhaha in political circles about a cartoon. South Africa's sharpest political cartoonist, Zapiro, had surpassed himself in one of the best pieces of political satire that I've seen in a long time - especially because it reflects the facts so accurately.

The cartoon had been drawn in response to ANC President Jacob Zuma's continued efforts to avoid being held accountable and responsible, not to mention standing trial, for numerous charges of corruption, fraud, racketeering, embezzlement and other "irregularities". Zuma has never even attempted to present any kind of evidence-based legal defense, but instead has continued to delay and obstruct legal proceedings through technicalities while claiming to be the victim of a political conspiracy.

This prompted Zapiro to publish his cartoon. It depicts Zuma, who has been accused of rapetaking a shower will wash off an HIV infection. In the cartoon, Zuma is about to have his way with Justice, aided by his cronies in the ANC, the ANC Youth League, the SA Communist Party and trade union Cosatu.

Rather than to respond to criticism in a way that might be expected of South Africa's next president, Zuma decided to sue Zapiro. While this case is still pending, several months came and went, during which Zuma's stooges went through the legal system like a bulldozer. Judges of high station but with dubious reputations started lobbying on behalf of Zuma and attempted to persuade their fellow pontiffs to throw out the charges against Zuma in return for unspecified favours after the upcoming elections, which brought South Africa close to a constitutional crisis.

The whole farce culminated in Judge Nicholson setting aside the entire case on spurious and plainly wrong arguments (e.g. Nicholson considered it incorrect procedure that Zuma had not received a hearing - something to which Zuma is not entitled in this stage of the proceedings according to the law). To top it all off, Nicholson included in his ruling a speech in which he decried the whole matter as a political conspiracy. The ANC was swift to take Nicholson's words, run with them, and use them as ammunition in a coup against president Thabo Mbeki. Within a few days, Mbeki was axed by the Zuma cabal within the ANC, and all his followers within the ANC were swiftly ousted in the ugliest political cleansing that the country has ever seen. A Zuma puppet was installed as South Africa's new president, and business continued as usual.

In short, Zapiro's cartoon was proven to be dead-on accurate, over and over again, by the very parties that it depicts.

Then, last week, the Supreme Court of Appeal crushed Judge Nicholson's "ruling" in words that left very little to the imagination. Nicholson "exceeded his authority" as a judge and "took his eyes off the ball". The SCA stopped just short of accusing Nicholson of having his own agenda rather than the impartiality required by the authority of his position, but then, they didn't really need to say it, did they?

The long and the short of it is that the National Prosecution Agency is now free to resume legal action against Zuma. Not that that will have much effect, of course - Zuma will appeal against this latest decision, several months will pass, the elections will take place, the ANC will win the elections, and Zuma will be made president of South Africa .At that point the whole thing will quietly disappear. Still, hope springs eternal. At least Zuma will have to campaign for the upcoming elections under circumstances which may cause some voters to have second thoughts. Or, in a sizeable portion of the electorate, first thoughts...

But even if nothing happens, this Zapiro cartoon was enough to make it all worthwhile. It actually had me cheering - literally. Zapiro, you're my hero!

Black South African imports crime wave to UK

from I Luv SA


It appears our black compatriots have that special gift, a combination of low intelligence, greed, violence, a lack of remorse and conscience and above all, a psychotic mindset.

A teenage illegal invader from South Africa who imported a mini-version of that country’s shocking crime plague to Britain has been jailed after being convicted of 23 knife attacks in Birmingham.

Terashiya Chiloane, a 19-year-old black South African living illegally in Maw Street, Walsall, was sent to prison for three and a half years and told he would be deported when he had completed his prison sentence.

Chiloane was but one of an entire street gang who carried out the knife-point robberies. None of the other offenders have been arrested.

Recorder Andrew Lockhart told Chiloane the gang targeted vulnerable young people aged between 12 and 21 in Walsall and took mobile telephones, jewellery and money. “Some of you wore disguises while others carried knives,” the Recorder said. “You all knew what was going on and you lent your support to what was frightening and despicable behaviour.”

The Recorder went on: “It was planned; it was concerted and it must have been incredibly frightening to your victims. It was prevalent offending and these people were put in fear by what was organised gang activity.” Chiloane admitted seven charges of robbery and asked for 16 other robberies to be taken into consideration at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Mark Rees, prosecuting, said the robberies all took place in seven separate incidents, with the gang threatening their victims with knives before stealing property.

Chiloane, who claimed to be a student at Walsall College of Art, was arrested after he was recognised by a number of victims.

The court heard Chiloane told police the gang went to his home where they shared out the property they had stolen.

* Chiloane’s country of origin has one of the highest crime rates in the world, with over 20,000 murders every year, a rape every three minutes and a robbery every 30 seconds.

Heritage Foundation: 'How modern liberals think'

Friday, 16 January 2009

UK: peecee gestapo at it again

from I Luv SA:


Note to anti-racism campaigners: buy a dictionary

The hand-wringing liberals are at it again, this time demanding Prince Charles apologise for calling his friend Sooty.

The friend in question, Kolin Dhillon, said “I enjoy being called Sooty by my friends” but that hasn’t stopped the PC fascists from wailing hysterical about how insensitive and offensive Prince Charles has been.

Someone from Give Racism the Red Card, the unequal rights pressure group that started plying its trade at football matches, said “In our view there is no friendly banter where racism is concerned”. Well clearly there is you muppet, as evidenced by “Sooty” saying “I enjoy being called Sooty”.

Even the campaign manager of the anti-monarchy campaign, Republic, has got in on the act saying it shows how out of touch the royals are. Which it doesn’t. What it shows is how out of touch people like Republic and Give Racism the Red Card are. Has Prince Harry’s former colleague, the one he called “paki” three years ago, taken offence at being called “paki”? No. Has Kolin Dhillon complained about being called “Sooty”? No. Not every black or asian person is obsessed with being a victim. Not every black or asian person sees racism in everything that is said or done to them. It’s only the gobshite professional whingers, hand-wringing liberals and spineless politicians that blow things like this out of all proportion and they’re the ones creating this climate of fear where ordinary people are scared to speak their mind in case they get accused of racism.

But, strictly speaking, the jobsworth from Give Racism the Red Card is right. There is no friendly banter where racism is concerned. Racism is a hatred or intolerance of another race or other races or a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others. Did Prince Charles demonstrate a hatred or intolerance of Kolin Dhillon because of his race? No. Did Prince Charles express the idea that he was superior to Kolin Dhillon because of his race? No. So was Prince Charles being racist? NO!

Publicity is the oxygen of the fascist groups “anti-racism” that are driving a wedge between the natives of these islands and rest of society. Every time a newspaper quotes them it gives them an unhelpful and undeserved legitimacy. They are the ones you can thank for the kind of society we now have where groups like the Muslim Council of Britain and Reach receive taxpayers money and have a seat at the decision making table but the Steadfast Trust, a charity dedicated to promoting English culture, is denounced as racist.

Rotting corpse found in hospital bathroom

from I Luv SA:

Another of those , only in a banana republic stories

THE angry family of a Bathurst man whose badly decomposed body was found in a bathroom at the Port Alfred Hospital – a week after he was reported missing – have demanded answers from the institution.

A shocked staff member found 46-year-old Mhlangenqaba Zono‘s badly decomposed body after detecting a foul smell from the bathroom. The hospital has now vowed to investigate.

“We want a thorough investigation. If he died due to the hospital‘s negligence, we will take this matter further,” said Simon Tembani, the boyfriend of Zono‘s sister. Hospital board chairman Thora Ford and hospital manager Gift Tshaka later discussed the matter with Zono‘s family. Zono, who was unmarried and jobless, had been admitted on December 15 with asthma.

Three days later, the hospital notified the family that he had gone missing. “They called us to say he had escaped and that one of the staff had checked the entire premises.

They said they had then reported it to the Bathurst police, even though the hospital is in Port Alfred and the disappearance occurred there.” Tembani said he wanted to know why the hospital had not reported the case to the Port Alfred police and why the hospital had not been properly searched.

The family said although the body was in a bad state, they had been able to make a positive identification. They were also angry that the hospital had allowed Zono to be buried before an autopsy could be carried out.

“The doctor said he died of natural causes but how can he know if an autopsy was never done?”

The hospital allegedly told the SAPS that the man had died from natural causes, most probably cardiac arrest following an asthma attack. Port Alfred police spokesman Captain Mali Govender said an inquest docket had been opened and forwarded to the public prosecutor for a decision. The hospital said it would investigate why an autopsy had not been done.
Now one has to wonder how often they clean the bathrooms and toilets in this hospital

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Weapons and cannon found in Gazan mosque

from I Luv SA:

Here’s an IDF video showing the weapons, ammunition, and hate propaganda discovered in a Gaza mosque—including an anti-aircraft cannon.

Hamas Leaders Cowering in Hospital Built by Israel

Two weeks into the Gaza conflict, the 'brave' jihadi warriors of Hamas are cowering like rats in the basement of a hospital rebuilt by Israel.

Senior Hamas officials in Gaza are hiding out in a “bunker” built by Israel, intelligence officials suspect: Many are believed to be in the basements of the Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza City, which was refurbished during Israel’s occupation of the Gaza Strip.

During a cabinet meeting a week ago, Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin said senior Hamas officials found refuge in the hospital basement because they know Israel would not target it, due to the patients in the upper floors. Palestinian sources told Haaretz that not all the senior Hamas leaders are hiding in one place.

Rather, they have spread out, and some are constantly changing locations. Some of the bunkers they are using were linked by tunnels Hamas built in recent years.

Hamas Rockets During Cease-Fire and From Schoolyard - 8 January 2009

Hamas launches rockets from civilian areas and rocket fire during the humanitarian cease-fire on 8 Jan. 2008. At time track 1:09 we see Hamas militants launching rockets during the humanitarian cease-fire in the afternoon. In both cases, the Israel Air Force destroyed the terrorist positions in precision strikes.

Hamas Booby Trapped School and Zoo 11 Jan. 2009

IDF forces document the extent to which Hamas has transformed Gaza into a war-zone. Here a school and zoo have been rigged with explosives, showing Hamas' willingness to use the Palestinian people as human shields.

Mad Bob abducting, torturing MDC members

from I Luv SA:


The ANC allows this on its border but does not hesitate to scream from the rooftops about Gaza 8000 km away.

Read also;
Physicians: Corruption killing people in Zimbabwe - AP

Bothwell Pasipamire says he was coerced by the CIO into false televised confession

Johannesburg - A Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) councillor was abducted and tortured before escaping, he told media in Melrose, Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Bothwell Pasipamire, 30, a councillor from Kadoma Ward 3, was abducted on December 13 by four armed men he believed were members of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

He was abducted shortly after midnight from his house in Kadoma around 140km south-west of Harare. Pasipamire believed he was targeted because he had been a vocal opponent of the ruling Zanu-PF.

He was taken to an old farm two hours drive from Kadoma, which he believed was near Goromonzi, 32km east of Harare, and locked in a cell. Pasipamire believed the camp also held the director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project, Jestina Mukoko, but he did not see her.

Pasipamire was interrogated and tortured by three men, one of whom introduced himself as army warrant officer Mabhunu.

Mabhunu told Pasipamire his job was to "finish off all MDC members".

Pasipamire then told Mabhunu that the "MDC is like HIV. You can never finish it off completely".

The soles of Pasipamire's feet were beaten and he was ordered to strip before being sexually molested and abused by Mabhunu.

Pasipamire was asked to kill a soldier being held at the same camp. He refused.

He was taken back to his cell in the afternoon. He could hear other people being tortured nearby. "It was terrible to hear people screaming and crying," he said.

Pasipamire was kept awake at night by men who hosed down his cell, his bedding and himself. The day after his abduction, a Sunday, he decided to co-operate with his captors in order to survive.

Pasipamire and other young men whom he did not recognise were ordered by Mabhunu to pretend to beat up a soldier who had allegedly taken part in riots in Harare.
A film crew recorded the incident.

He was then given a hand-written list of questions and answers, in English, which Mabhunu ordered him to read in front of a television crew. He was interviewed by a man in a suit who asked him questions such as, "Why have you been beating and killing soldiers of the Zimbabwe National Army?" to which he had to reply, "It is because they are keeping Mugabe in power."

If Pasipamire made a mistake in answering, they stopped and he had to answer that question again. He was made to say that Morgan Tsvangirai had ordered him to kill soldiers and that he had been trained in Botswana with money gained from British and US diplomats Pocock and Magee in Harare.

"Those are all lies," Pasipamire told media on Tuesday. "The government knows there are no camps in Botswana or any other country. "Mugabe is trying to tarnish the image of (Botswana president) Ian Khama."

After completing the interview, he was taken back to his cell and given food and water. Pasipamire was held for three more days. "I was convinced that these people would kill me, before they put my interview on TV, otherwise I was sure to tell someone that it was a lie," he said on Tuesday.

He believed the reason for the propaganda was to allow the Zimbabwean government to declare a state of emergency, to impose martial law or to call for fresh and violent elections.
Pasipamire said that as an MDC member for ten years he knew many party members but had never heard anybody talking about arms, violent tactics or training camps.

"This convinces me in my own mind that the story is false. And if there was any truth, why would CIO need to abduct people like myself to tell lies on video about such camps," he said.
Near or on Wednesday December 17, Pasipamire was given two injections in his buttocks, not given any food during the day and driven to Harare that evening.

"I had the feeling they were planning to kill me."

Pasipamire said he could not reveal any details of his escape because it could present a danger to the people who had helped him and to those who were still held captive.

"There are some inside Zanu-PF and CIO who do not believe in what they are doing."

When questioned by national and international media, Pasipamire said he was sure people had been killed in similar incidents to those he had experienced.

"Zimbabwe is a beautiful country with beautiful people and very ugly government. (we know the feeling - Ed.)

"They are torturing people like me and it is with our suffering that we pay for Mugabe's desire to stay in power."

He could not return to Zimbabwe because he believed he would be killed but said that he would testify to his statement in court should the CIO members who abducted him, including Mabhunu, go on trial.

"I do believe that change will come soon and then things will be okay in Zimbabwe," he said. Pasipamire would be moved to an undisclosed location after Tuesday and would have no further contact with the media.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Eliminating Opposition in SA: Zimbabwe-style

from Johann @ The Right Perspective

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) Youth Brigade chairperson, Shadrack Dube, was gunned down close to his home on 4 January 2009. He was on his way back from a local shop after purchasing airtime for his cellphone in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Two men have been arrested in connection with the murder. They are Ben Mhlongo and Xolani Dlamini.

Alfred Mpontshane, IFP chairperson in the Mkhanyakude municipality district, described Dube’s murder as “part of a systematic campaign to eliminate IFP leaders, derail its campaign and intimidate its supporters before the general elections”.

Dube’s funeral was held on 11th January 2009 where Mr Blessed Gwala, IFP member for the Provincial Parliament and Deputy Chairperson for IFP KwaZulu-Natal, said that 14 years of ANC rule have bequeathed the country nothing but the ancient Sodom and Gomorrah.

Gwala said the ANC government has failed to deliver the much-talked about “better life for all”. Instead, the country has become poorer. “When one looks around in KwaZulu-Natal, one is attracted to poverty, unemployment and crime, all of which point to the failure of the ruling party to bring about change in their lives”, he said.

One cannot but help to wonder if South Africa isn’t much closer to the reality of Zimbabwe’s dictatorship rule than most would care to acknowledge.

Where are you, Desmond Tutu? You did not hesitate to make a spectacle of yourself at the Truth and Reconciliation Committee during the 1990’s, sobbing like a child at the “evils” of the Apartheid government. Are you sobbing now? Or only when you have to save face for the cameras when your counterpart in England beat you to calling that dictator Mugabe a war criminal?

I guess all men aren’t equal after all - just never thought a man of the cloth would teach me that.

SA praises Security Council stint

from Johann @ The Right Perspective

A day before marxist dictator Robert Mugabe announced his government reshuffle (undoubtedly to remove any traces of rival MDC party members), the Department of Foreign Affairs in South Africa called the country’s membership of the United Nations Security Council “an historic milestone”.

Here follows some excerpts from Foreign Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s statement to the press:

“One of the primary achievements was helping to revitalise the debate on the relationship between the UN and regional organisations and enhancing coordination between the UN and the African Union”. Really, is that what you perceived to have achieved with your neighbour across the Limpopo? Is that why the MDC asked for ex-president Mbeki to withdraw himself as mediator in the negotiations between them and Mugabe’s Zanu-PF, because he was utterly useless? Did you really think the rest of the world was wrong and you were right when you blocked further action against Mugabe?

“In its council interventions, South Africa sought to help create an enabling environment in which the parties themselves might achieve reconciliation through dialogue.” At what point will you get the message that Mugabe (to name one example) isn’t interested in dialogue? Would it be when 10,000 people have died from cholera? Or when he has actually exterminated all of the opposition members? I have to assume then that bashing in the heads of opposition party members qualifies as “dialogue” in your definition.

“South Africa actively engaged all sides to better understand their views on the complex issues before the council”. I have a solution to many of your “complex issues”. Grab a copy of the Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus and look up the definitions of “dictator”, “genocide”, “criminal”, “incompetent”, “murderer” and “delusional”. Chances are very good you have by now pictured a very familiar face in your mind. Forget for a moment that you have held hands with this person, because that would just complicate matters. Do you still need a “better understanding”?

“South Africa also influenced a large number and diversity of council outcomes”. At first this statement sounded very promising. Until I realized the drug dealer on the corner of some street in Brixton have also “influenced a large number and diversity of outcomes”.

The department indicated that it would conduct an in-house assessment of South Africa’s participation in the UN Security Council. Hang on people, I can save you some money here. All you have to spend would be the cost of a good thesaurus…

Friday, 9 January 2009

South African crime victims terrified of police

from Censor Bugbear reports:

Analysing this past year in South Africa, some very grim statistics emerge. Two of the worst ones leap out at once: namely the fact that since 1994, at least 640,000 people have already died in criminal violence since the black-majority government gained hegemony since 1994. And under black-majority rule, the HIV-AIDS epidemic has spread like wildfire, fanning out from South Africa through all of Africa south of the Sahara.

TL__Zaterdag_is_voor_de_doden More than 6,3-million people in SA now are infected with the HI-virus which leads to deadly AIDS -- and its young people of reproductive age are dying of AIDS and the companion disease, extremely drug-resistant Tuberculosis at a rate of about 350,000every year. Undertakers are doing a brisk trade and cemeteries are bursting at the seams.There are over 100 funeral homes in Soweto alone.

And the one main cause behind these horrific AIDS-deaths is the culture of rape which permeates all of South African life – and always has done. Before 1994, AIDS was rarely reported among heterosexual black communities. Fifteen years later, some 6-million mostly black people are already dying of it, and many thousands of new infections are notified each month.

Researchers warn that the main reason is rape: more than 25% of all the females of South Africa, even from early babyhood onward, can expect to be raped at least once before their child-bearing years are over. The latest reports warn that in fact, most of the child-bearing age population of South Africa is now being infected at a rapid rate with HIV-AIDS because of the rape epidemic.


Immediately after apartheid ended in 1994, the country’s violent crime rate also jumped dramatically when the ANC-government replaced most of the previous (white) police force with inexperienced, new black recruits from the townships. The pre-1994 statistics rose from 5,100 murders/homicides as year to an average of 43,000 murders/homicides: i.e. at least 645,000 people were killed in criminal violence under current ANC-hegemony over the past 15 years.

  • 5,100 annual murders/homicides a year before apartheid:
  • By comparison: before ANC-hegemony in 1994, according to the SA Human Rights Council statistics, South Africa averaged 5,100 annual murders/homicides combined from purely criminal activities.
  • Political violence: Added to this criminal death toll also are the 21,000 people who died in political violence between 1948 and 1994. These deaths also include the SA Defence Force actions outside the South African borders, such as the 600 deaths of ANC-fighters and their Cuban/Russian advisors at Kassinga in Angola during the SA border war in 1978 and SA Police raids on exile-camps in Swaziland and elsewhere.
“Black on black’ violence caused most murders:

Of the criminality-related deaths before 1994, the vast majority, 92%, have been primarily due to black Africans killing black Africans --  a total of 8,580 (92%) of the 9,325 violent deaths during the period June 1990 to July 1993 were for instance, caused by mineworkers killing each other in turf wars or drunken rows at male hostels and by political power battles between the Zulu-dominated Inkatha Freedom Party and the Xhosa-dominated African National congress supporters. During this time, the combined security forces – the SA police and the defence force --  caused a total of 518 deaths (5.6%).

Increasingly, South African crime victims are also terrified of allowing any police members into their homes to investigate crime scenes – because the police forces are now criminalising very rapidly and the public can no longer trust them, the Transvaal Agricultural Union, which represents the country’s few remaining commercial farmers, is also warning. This also greatly interferes in maintaining correct crime-statistics.

KnifeInHead_TraumaSocietyOfSouthAfrica_TraumaLog KnifeInHead_TraumaSocietyOfSouthAfrica_VictimPic

Pictures above: On the left, an Xray by the Trauma Society of a recent knifing victim; on the right, a photograph of a knifing victim. Most of their other pictures are just too horrendous to publish.

According to the SA Police Service’s crime statistics, there are many hundreds of thousands of trauma victims in SA each year – but the exact facts are difficult to find, the Trauma Society says. They now maintain their own database of all these treated trauma injuries, how they were dealt with, the recovery rate of trauma patients, and the effect South Africa’s violent crime epidemic has on families and the country’s socio-economic conditions.They also want to build a Wall of Remembrance logging all the details of these crime victims, pointing out that the SA Police Service’s crime statistics are wholly inadequate to even begin to get a grip on how to help the country’s hundreds of thousands of trauma victims . The South African violent crime rate has become so horrendous that it’s become impossible to exaggerate them – most journalists have to tone them down before publication in mainstream news media. For the 2007 ‘official’ statistics per category, access the police website: http://www.saps.gov.za/statistics/reports/crimestats/2008/crime_stats_2008.htm


Initiated by the Trauma Society of South Africa, the Wall of Remembrance would list details of individuals who have died or suffered trauma as a result of the country’s violent crime since 2000.  They have also set up a Trauma Registry to collect data relating to the type and management of trauma patients being seen in any medical institution.

Their spokesman said that such Internationally Trauma Registries are common practice, and would be considered mandatory for any Trauma Centre in normal societies – and such registries receive the full report of the policing services of such countries. This is not the case in South Africa.

“South Africa is unique in terms of the quantity and severity of trauma seen. It is high time that we were able to analyse, present and compare our data in a scientific manner.’

Kevin Southgate, a member of the National Leadership Council of the CDA, and spokesman on Safety and Security, says the party welcomes the initiative and will give its full support. 

True crime statistics are a mystery:

SA_PoliceThatWeWant_policeaccountabilityCoZA "Sadly," he said, "this project comes about as a result of the failure of government to provide proper statistics with regard to crime without realising the full implications of their lack of disclosure and inadequate reporting methods."

According to Dr Elmin Steyn of the Society the true number of deaths due to crime and violence in South Africa remains a mystery.

  • "With the Wall of Remembrance we aim not only to create a memorial to the individuals who have lost their lives, but also to build up a database of information on numbers, places and circumstances of death to provide a bulk of evidence to continue the struggle towards a safer society." she said.

Mr Southgate claimed that credible national statistics are impossible to find, not only because of the lack of a standardised compulsory national trauma data collection system. There is a very strong reluctance among government leaders to make public the available data:  "The government's failure in this regard, makes it impossible for other organisations such as TSSA to function properly and effectively," he said.

"The trauma and implications of violent crime have a compounding effect whereby, families are left without breadwinners, many left permanently disfigured or incapacitated and many man-hours lost to the economy."  The project is being piloted at various hospitals and is also available at the Health24 website on http://www.health24.com/tools/remembrance/remembrance.asp

Mr Southgate said he also felt that such a Wall of Remembrance would be important for emotional healing of families and friends as they largely felt ignored by government and received no compassion or understanding for their loss. "


Ridiculous statements by ANC members, (click on video), telling those who  have experienced violent crime and voice their concerns, ‘to leave the country’, do not assist in this emotional healing process," he said. "Denying our statistics on violent crime is simply a means of avoiding responsibility."

"The CDA will be launching an awareness campaign across the country requesting the public to participate," he said. "Only when we have an extensive database of trauma deaths, can we holistically prepare awareness and prevention strategies at multiple levels in our country."

South African public terrified of ‘criminal’ police

The Transvaal Agricultural Union, TLU commenting on the recent statement by the Minister of Safety and Security that 'the SA Police Service are battling with corrupt elements in its own ranks', said this was acknowledgement of the reality which everyone in South Africa now faced every day. Everywhere, reports are streaming in of policemen abusing crime victims when they arrive to investigate crimes; of uniformed, armed police officers forming robbery gangs; and of local police officers refusing to response to urgent calls from families while they are under attack by criminal gangs inside their own homes.

Victims of crime are increasingly terrified of letting any uniformed police into their homes to investigate crimes -- fearing that they will be mugged, robbed, raped and murdered instead, the farmers’ cooperative warns. They were, they said, ‘deeply worried' about the minister's admission that the country's own policing system was rapidly becoming part of problem which was creating the now totally out of control crime-epidemic.

  • "Whenever farmers are attacked, or any member of the public becomes a crime victim, they should be able to place their trust in the integrity of the local police they are forced to deal with.  The Minister now has confirmed that many members of the SAPD cannot be trusted - so how can members of the public be expected to trust any of them?”
Firearm licensing carried out by ‘criminal’ cops:

The TLU says that of even greater concern is the admission by the Minister that even members of the police are  involved in the firearm relicensing application process. By law, these corrupt police officers may enter any law abiding citizen’s homes (without any search warrant) under the pretext to inspect the legally required firearm-safes they must keep their registered firearms in.” (Also view the cynical video by the GunOwnersAssociaton on the left)

"In this process they also of course gain access to sensitive security information, which could and undoubtedly is being passed on to criminal gangs. Can the public be blamed for not being too willing to welcome members of the SAPD into their homes?"

380,000 women raped in South Africa each year

One of the main reasons why HIV-AIDS is at such a high level in South Africa, with some 6-million people now infected with the human-immune-deficiency virus which leads to deadly AIDS, is rape.

One in every four South African females of all races and ages, even the smallest babies, will experience rape at least once; 380,000 cases of rapes are REPORTED annually in South Africa. The reported rape cases in South Africa are the highest in the world.

Gang rape is a youth cult in black townships


Gang rape -- jackrolling -- has even become a youth-cult in South Africa: see video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0faQ-xo_Ao

Young in the sprawling township of Soweto near Johannesburg have just one aim: to impregnate every woman under age 26 in the township. Rape is also a form of initiation among the men: new inmates in male prisons are inevitably raped upon arrival by all members of any given cell although most lead heterosexual lifestyles outside of prison. The sexual abuse of children is also common in townships.

And all these horrors occur without any kind of lubrication and of course without condoms - and the friction causes mucosal tearing and bleeding.

Dr. S. Armstrong, a leading South African researcher warns in a recent medical report published by the National Institutes of Health in the USA, that 'such conditions of unprotected, unlubricated sex (rape) with multiple partners are one important reason why HIV is so rapidly transmitted in South Africa.'

Women in SA not allowed to use condoms, contraceptives:

And researchers K. Wood and R. Jewkes also report on studies among pregnant adolescents in Cape Town that there is 'widespread male coercion and violence within these sexual relationships. The pregnant teens reported 'assault as a regular feature of their relationships.'

"In South Africa, power relations between men and women are commonly manifested as and imposed through sexual violence and assault.

  • “ Men use physical assault to force sexual contact, beating their female partners if they refuse to have sex, or if they are found to be using contraceptives.'
    Women often experience abuse such as gang rape - yet health officials in SA 'refuse to acknowledge sexual encounters such as these as rape'.

Researcher L. de K Ackermann from the department of sociology at the University of the Free State (ackermal@hum.uovs.ac.za)  also writes: “it is evident that social factors such as the high rate of rape... and their inability to insist on condom usage, make South African women unable to negotiate the timing of sex and its conditions.They are powerless to protect themselves against HIV-infection.'

Ackermann also slammed the current HIV-prevention campaigns, which don't take into account the fact that females, from a very early age onward, have no control whatsoever over their own sexual lives, warning:

  • "The rampant spread of this disease can only be stemmed if the subordinate sexual position of woman is acknowledged and addressed,' Ackermann warned. email Ackermal@hum.uovs.ac.za

“The degree to which women are able to control various aspects of their sexual lives is clearly a critical question for health promotion and the prevention of AIDS.

“It is evident that social factors such as the high rate of rape, the unfavourable economic position of women, and the inability to insist on condom usage make South African women unable to negotiate the timing of sex and the conditions under which it occurs.

“They are…powerless to protect themselves against HIV infection. Prevention campaigns often do not take into account the reality of their daily lives and the difficulties they have to gain control over their own sexual lives. The rampant spread of this disease can only be stemmed if the subordinate position of women is acknowledged and addressed.”

"It is these (male-dominated) power relations which determine women's ability or inability to protect themselves against sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy, and unwelcome sexual acts.'


Another elderly couple shot dead, son critical

from I Luv SA:

Police Probe Shooting of Elderly Couple, Son

An elderly Brackenfell couple was found shot dead in their bed - both with wounds to their heads.

Their 46-year-old son was found next to them, barely alive.

Police said the Marina Strydom's sister had raised the alarm yesterday after arriving at the house in Eland Street, Brackenfell, to find the front door unlocked.

Strydom, 67, and her husband, Hendrik, 74, were found lying dead on their bed. With them on the bed was their son Marius.

Marius was rushed to Tygerberg Hospital where he remained in a critical condition on life support this morning. Paramedics declared the couple dead on the scene.

Police would not speculate as to who fired the shots, but said Strydom's sister found a firearm lying on the bed with the three family members.
Police would conduct ballistics tests to determine who had fired the shots.
The sister told police the family would not make any comment.

Meanwhile, in Knysna, a 28-year-old woman reported missing by her mother about midday yesterday has been found dead at the Coney Glen viewpoint near the town.

Police said investigations were continuing but that the motive for the murder remained unclear.

No autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death, they said.

Anyone with information that could assist the police should call the investigating officer, Captain Max Mangali.

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Monday, 5 January 2009

Obama will try to fix Africa and fail

from Doberman @ I Luv SA


Because he will be ineffectual and irrelevant most everywhere else, one place Zero [Obama] will focus his foreign policy will be Africa. We could call this drama Zero in Africa. He is going to be spending a lot of our money and risking many soldiers' lives in Africa. After all, that's where his alleged father is from. It's what the entire liberal elite expects of him. And it won't do any good.

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Endless wars, bottomless corruption, disease, tyranny and dictatorship seem standard operating procedure for Africa. Out of the over 50 nation-states on the continent, one can point to the mild success story here and there - but these are exceptions to Africa's being the bottom of humanity's barrel. The recent coup in Guinea is a fine example.

The former French colony has the world's largest bauxite reserves, lots of iron ore, gold, and diamonds, lots of rich farmland. Most of its 10 million people live on less than $1 a day, it was ruled by a thug for the last 25 years until he died, whereupon some completely unknown army captain staged a coup and took over the country. Guineans are hailing him as "Obama Junior."

Africans will be looking to Zero to end their paleolithic poverty and violence, and he won't be able to - because of a fundamental fact he cannot change. The American Psychiatric Association classifies people with an IQ of 70 or below as mentally retarded. The average IQ of sub-Saharan Africans is 67.

Of course, there are plenty of very smart individual Africans. But the majority population of the entire continent of Africa (excluding North African countries such as Morocco and Egypt, and the whites of South Africa) is suffering mental retardation - or, put another way, has the mental faculties of a pre-teenage child. The average IQ in Guinea is 63.

The world's foremost researcher on IQ is Richard Lynn, professor of psychology at the University of Ulster in the UK. His exhaustive research over 30 years has been compiled in monumental studies entitled IQ and the Wealth of Nations and Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis. His latest study is The Global Bell Curve: Race, IQ, and Inequality Worldwide.

Sifting through 168 national IQ studies covering 81 countries and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, analyzing the entire body of scientific psychometric (psychological measurement) research for the last 100 years, Lynn has determined that:

  • East Asians (Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, but not China) have on average 5 IQ points higher than Europeans and European-Americans.
  • East Asian mean IQ is 105, China excluding Hong Kong is 100 (Hong Kong is 107, the world's highest), European/European-American is 100, Inuit Eskimo is 91, American Indian is 87, Mexican is 87, American Black is 85, South Asian (e.g. India, Pakistan) is 84, Middle East/North Africa Arab is 83, Sub-Saharan African is 67, Australian Aborigine is 62. The world average IQ is 90.

The key words are "on average." For while the average East Asian is smarter than the average European or American, the latter have greater variability.

Which means, especially for Americans whose culture allows for more flourishing of intelligence, there will be a lot more really smart folks, super-smart individuals with IQs above 130 among them. It is these geniuses of science and business that have enabled our culture, that of Western Civilization, to prosper far beyond any other.

And it is just these folks, the brightest and most talented, that Zero will stifle and sacrifice on his altars of Equality, Fairness, and Redistribution. So a lot of them will give up or leave the US - they will shrug, as we discussed last month in Atlas in America.