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Friday, 5 December 2008

The Hue of Hatred II

from Ilana Mercer @ Barely-a-blog

The face of hate:

The object of hate:

The details of the crime indicate, very plainly, that the murderer wanted to obliterate his victim, make her exist no longer.

Update (Dec. 2): Actually, to correct the comment hereunder, I’ve documented quite clearly, as have others well before me, that violent crime in the US and South Africa is monopolized by blacks. The intention of the title was to point to the near-complete unidirectionality of violent crime: black on white. Both in my new and former homelands.

Were Americans not so brainwashed about hate crimes originating exclusively with Europeans, they might stop to think about who’s killing whom. (Here’s “The Hue Of Hatred I”.) Perhaps they’ll even quit packing their kids off to Africa, and other high-crime localities, for an enriching experience; but that’s a bit much to ask of the reckless locals.

As I pointed out once, “Dangling a noose—an impolite and impolitic form of expression—is a hate crime; a black man beating a white man to a pulp—not so much. Being maimed or murdered, evidently, doesn’t compare to being maligned.” Americans have difficulties “differentiating a felony from an affront to feelings.”

As to a cop kicking an offender who happens to be black: the forgone conclusion is always that racism is at play. I’ve protested police brutality in many a column (the last being “Don’t Tase Me, Big Bro“). But the fact is that blacks are disproportionately represented among the criminal class. (To stay alive, and in business, cabbies act on this information daily.)

A policeman aggressing against an offender might amount to an excessive use of force, by why join the racial terrorists (the ones that went after Imus) by shouting racism?