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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Updated: Obama's and Abdullah's plans for Israel

from Ilana Mercer @ barelyablog.com

The excerpt is from my new WorldNetDaily.com column, “Obama’s & Abdullah’s Plans for Israel:

“Barack Obama has decided to revive a plot the Saudi Crown Prince hatched in 2002. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz had suggested Israel beat a retreat to the pre-1967 borders, in return for the recognition, whatever that means, of the Arab world.” …

“For its concessions, the Arab League will doff a collective kafia to Israel. As will Israel be given ‘an effective veto’ on the national suicide pact known as the right of return—the imperative to absorb millions of self-styled Palestinian ‘refugees’ into Israel proper. …”

“There is nothing Solomonic about splitting up Jerusalem, which was sacred to Jews for nearly two thousand years before Muhammad, and is not once mentioned in the Koran.
Did Gaza not set a sufficiently strong precedent against such folly? It was “returned” to the Palestinians, who promptly destroyed the hothouses Israelis had built there, and planted Qassam rocket launchers in the ground instead. Gaza now hothouses Hamasniks.”

“(On the general wisdom of handing over territory—any territory—to voracious, vicious majorities, consider South Africa and its capital, Pretoria. Renamed Tshwane, Pretoria is now occupied by Saint Nelson Mandela’s syndicate, the African National Congress. The difference is that more people worry about the Holy City going to hell in a hand cart than care about the decay of Pretoria.)”

Read the complete column, “Obama’s & Abdullah’s Plans for Israel,” on WorldNetDaily.com.

Update: The Sunday Times is a British newspaper. The item about Obama agitating for Israel’s return to the 1967 borders originated in the Times. Has this been reported in the US press? Recall, the first time we learned about George Hussein Onyango Obama, the president elect’s half-starving, half-brother, was from the British press. Is this the case with resepct to Obama’s direction with Israel? If the American press intends to abrogate its responsibility to report about this man, much as the same media neglected to report the truth about the invasion of Iraq—scouring the foreign news media will become a must.

On the topic of minimizing iffy news about the media’s Messiah; did you know Malia and what’shername—Obama’s other precious progeny—will be attending a private school at the cost of 30 grand a pop, per year. “Mayor Adrian M. Fenty of Washington strongly lobbied the Obamas to consider a public school, but that was apparently never an option,” reports the NYT. A man of the people is our Prince. What’s good for average Joe’s goose is clearly no good for Obama’s gander.