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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Pretoria to get 'Fidel Castro' & 'Che Guevara' streets, or 'How to piss off a Yank'

So I guess when the incompetent ANC comrades get bored, they start playing the "Which superpower can we piss off now?" game.  There could be various reasons why this might be stupid.  First of all, if you believe communism is dead, there aren't many other superpowers besides the Yanks - in fact, they are the only one.  Secondly, even if you believe communism isn't dead, the Yanks are more or less still the only superpower, since the Russian economy won't survive a week if it can't trade that precious black liquid stuff (which you don't need a lot of if you drive a Prius) for dollars in the market.  So you really still piss off the same guys.  But to me the most convincing argument for not pissing off the Yanks is the fact that their leader is a man who refers to the people of Greece as "those Grecians", which to me suggests he is more likely to remember where that red phone on his desk is located to commandeer a Nimitz-class supercarrier to prove a point, than the lecture in Political Science 101 dealing with diplomatic retaliation...  I assume pissing off the whole white population (and probably some blacks and coloureds too) by again messing around with the Springbok emblem just isn't doing it for them anymore...
Pretoria to get 'Fidel Castro' & 'Che Guevara' streets

from the people at SAS

How lovely - the ANC boons are now honouring murderous terrorists and bloody dictators at the expense of some great Afrikaner heroes...funniest of all - and our Yankee friends will love this- the American Embassy will soon be located between Fidel Casto and Che Guevara streets. No, this is no joke or satire folks...if anything, it offers a glimpse of precisely the mindset we White S. Africans deal with daily. Zieg heil to the AfroNazis!
Pretoria - Pretorius Street, one of the main roads cutting through Pretoria, should be renamed after former Cuban president Fidel Castro, the SA Communist Party said on Monday. Speaking at a public hearing at Pretoria's City Hall, SACP member Joan Muller said Schoeman Street should also be renamed after Cuban revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara.
"We must not forget our Cuban allies," she told a small gathering of people who arrived at the hearing on the changing of 27 street names in the city. Other names put forward by the SACP included human rights lawyer Duma Nokwe.
In a statement, Afriforum said the small gathering signified the minimal support for name changes. "According to AfriForum, it is clear that the efforts to change street names of particular cultural historical significance, are incited by the ideological obsession of politicians, rather than by a genuine desire on the part of communities," said CEO Kallie Kriel.
At other public hearings he had attended, which were mostly in Afrikaans suburbs, large numbers of people were vehemently opposed to the name changes. There had only been marginal interest in other areas. "Also in areas where little interest had been shown, at least half of the people present were strongly opposed to the changing of street names as well."
Kriel said it had also been suggested that the money to be used to change the names should rather be spent on education and that history would not be changed by renaming the streets.
"People also expressed opposition to the process followed, as communities feel that they are being involved in the process as an afterthought only," he said.
Tshwane council speaker Khorombi Dau said it had been difficult to find the right times to have the public hearings and that this was possibly the reason for the small turnout. "When is the correct time?" he asked, adding that people were not willing to attend hearings in the evening after work.
Dau said it was important for people to hand in their submissions and "not just talk". Dau said it was not a "done deal" that the names would be changed. The submissions would be recorded and a report given to the council by the public street naming committee.
"We don't want to put pressure on the committee. It might not be a year, it might not be six months," he said when asked how long the process could take. "But my wish is that it should not drag out too long." The deadline for submissions is October 31. Venues and dates of the public hearings are available on the city's website at www.tshwane.gov.za.

Cuban street names insult USA: FF Plus
PRETORIA - Proposals to rename two main Pretoria streets after Cuban revolutionaries are an insult to the United States and the West, the Freedom Front Plus said on Tuesday.
Tshwane councillor Conrad Beyers said the submissions by the ANC and the SA Communist Party that Pretorius and Schoeman streets -- which border the American Embassy -- be renamed Fidel Castro and Che Guevara respectively, would damage South Africa's international image.
This followed a public hearing on the proposed street names at the Pretoria City Hall on Monday. At the meeting the proposal was made by ANC councillor Joan Muller on behalf of the party and the SACP. Said Beyers on Tuesday: "The local ANC is playing with fire with their irresponsible handling of the name issue." Intervention from a higher level of government was urgently needed to "contain" the local leaders.
"Why does the ANC want to hurl a serious insult to the USA by renaming the streets around the US embassy after two of the most bitter enemies of America -- Fidel Castro and Che Guevara? "The ANC is not only busy polarising the communities of Pretoria, they are now also starting to insult the international community," he said.
According to the FF Plus the local ANC's "irresponsible handling" of the matter would become an embarrassment to all South Africans. "The local ANC is trying something far above their competence -- they did not think through all the implications of their insane name changes."
He said Castro remained a sworn enemy of the USA and the West, while Guevara was a terrorist, sowing murder and terror worldwide. The USA has no formal diplomatic relations with Cuba, which Castro led for nearly 50 years.
- Sapa