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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Run Love, run!

Dries Liebenberg, Beeld
Richards Bay

With these words, top angler Clive Hunter probably saved his wife's life. He was shot in the chest moments later - the bullet puncturing his heart and a lung.

Hunter, 35, and his wife Zelda, 34, had been fishing at Pipeline - a popular angling spot in Richards Bay.

Hunter's father, Errol, said shortly before 18:00, Clive had told Zelda they should pack up, because the other anglers had left.

Then four men appeared from the bushes.

When Clive saw them, he told Zelda she should run into the sea if he gave her the signal to do so.

The men approached the couple from two sides and began chatting to them, said Errol.

When the men began talking in Zulu, Zelda could sense her husband becoming tense. When one of the men produced a firearm, Clive shouted that she should run.

Errol said Zelda had run until she was knee-deep in the water and then had run parallel to the beach to the nearest pier to get help.

While Zelda ran "like never before", she heard a shot being fired behind her, Errol said on Thursday.

About 300m down the beach Zelda encountered other anglers who went back with her, and they and others looked for Clive in the dark.

His body was found later on the beach.

All the attackers took was Clive's tackle box worth about R60.

Errol said: "Thank God the children weren't with them because I don't know what would've happened then."

The children, 13-year-old Brandon and Megan, six, had been visiting Errol and his wife in Scottburgh when the tragedy struck.

Zelda was to have taken part in her first angling competition this weekend.