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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Dad kills robber in SA Police jacket

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Johannesburg - A Centurion man has shot dead an armed robber who was wearing a bulletproof vest and police jacket in what was the second armed attack on the man's family and home.

The 36-year-old father also shot two other armed men, who were also wearing bulletproof jackets, during the "little war". For security reasons, the family does not want to be identified.

The attack took place on Saturday morning at 05:30 after about nine men broke down the security gate and front door.

The man's 28-year-old wife and their three children (aged five, two and eight months old) went to hide in the main bedroom along with her mother-in-law and brother-in-law as the robbers and her husband fired at each other.

Fled in two cars

The man said he woke up when his brother shouted "they are breaking in".

The robbers at the time were still breaking down the front door.

"I jumped up, grabbed my firearm and ran to the front door. The first robber stood in the half-open door and shouted that he was from the police an then the guy behind him started shooting".

"I shot back and hit the first guy in the head. I shot a second one in the chest and another one somewhere on the body".

"Their friends picked them up and fled".

"I am almost sure they were wearing bulletproof vests as there was no trail of blood on our yard or outside. But I know for a fact that I shot them", said the man.

He had only six bullets in his firearm and ran back to his room to get more ammunition when the attackers fled.

On Friday night people in a black Golf without number plates had questioned the domestic worker. At 20:00 the woman saw a white Chrysler Voyager near the house and when she went to look, it drove off.

"The night of the incident, the robbers fled in the same two cars", she said.

Police spokesperson Captain Agnes Huma said police were investigating the possibility that the deceased was a policeman or reservist.

She also said the firearms found on the suspect, looked like police service pistols and that the serial numbers had been filed off.

R4, 9mm and .22 as well as shotgun cartridges were found on the scene.