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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

2980th victim murdered in ongoing armed attacks against smallholdings and farms

from South Africa Sucks

Andre Bam, 26, killed in cold blood, dad Chris injured, Doornpoort AH, Pretoria - nothing robbed

July 29 2008 PRETORIA. During the night, at 02:30 a family at the agricultural holdings of Doornpoort near Pretoria - situated close to a temporary UN's refugee camp for foreign Africans -- was attacked at home by at least 3 armed black men.

This entire area has been under constant siege for several years now, with scores of murders, rapes and robberies by large armed gangs of young black males. Most of the residents here are Afrikaans-speaking - which can be seen by the large number of Afrikaner-churches in the region. And inevitably, their attackers are young, black males.

The son died after attackers fired towards him while he was rushing towards his parents' bedroom to try and help them stave off the attack. The father Chris Bam was shot twice while still in bed - just as he was waking up. The mother Veronica remained unharmed.

And nothing was robbed - at all.

Mrs Veronica Bam woke up first when she heard and saw the men moving around in the sleeping couple's bedroom - her husband Chris woke up shortly thereafter and reacted by shouting -- and then they shot the unarmed man at once, injuring him seriously.

No-one was arrested.